Passions on Direct TV

  1. It seems that my fav characters wont be joining with the move to directTV so I probably wont be interested in the show anymore, its a shame, I really did like that show... god i hate nbc!!! Think about the fans for once… oh well I guess I will start watching as the world turns again.
  2. oooh which cast members are not back on direct tv?
  3. You can read episode recaps of the Direct TV episodes on Passions's website. (
  4. Like Ive said before, I WISH IT WOULD HAVE JUST ENDED, now that Alastair is back Theresa and Ethan aren't legally married and somehow "barren" Gwen had Ethans baby and now wants him back... Arggg I'm glad I don't watch anymore it looks awful.:yucky::cursing:

    Don't know I let it get to me, guess cause I watched it for 5 years and waited that long for ET and

    You can really good detailed recaps at Dustins page
  5. That show has always been off the wall. I never really watched it, but I did like Timmy (RIP).
  6. You can buy a subscription to watch all of the episodes online all for a small (yea right:rolleyes:) fee of $20 a month. I'll pass, thanks.