Passions moving to Direct TV. Anyone change cable service for one of their shows?

  1. I have to admit biggest guilty please is watching Passions. I've been a fan since the first show like 8 or 9 years ago. It's super cheesy and it takes two weeks to film one of their days, but I love it. Is anyone else mad that it will be moved exclusively to Direct TV? I'm a fan and all but I'm not about to switch my cable service just to watch Passions. I can't believe out of all the shows on TV, they choose a soap opera, something people watch every single day and are very loyal to. I only have a week or so left I think to watch...I'm sooo sad. :crybaby:Thank God Days isn't going anywhere.
  2. If you love it. You should move to directTV. Plus they have Soap net and you can watch all of your missed episodes from your favorite soaps.
  3. I wonder how that'll affect Canadian viewers.
  4. I wonder if their salaries will go down b/c of loss of viewers.
  5. :shrugs: I like DirecTV.
    Not sure I'd switch my cable for a show, but I think direcTV is good.
  6. I'm more mad that they just didn't end it!! At least if it ended there would be some sort of closure!! 7 years is a loong time for any TV show to run, a show with this low of ratings would have been axed after one season on primetime tv.

    I have been busy lately and missing it, I probably will only get to see maybe Mondays episode and hopefully the finale on Friday. I just hated how the whole blackmailer storyline went. It was drawn out way too long, mostly everyone knew who it was, and then it was over like that.

    I caught some of todays eppy and honestly, I thought it was boring and the acting was horrible. (sometimes you have to step back and take perspective).

    I may keep up with online summaries but that's about it. I'm pretty much over the show now. I've watched for 5 years.
  7. P.S. I have heard that Days will only run through 2009 and then NBC will do away with all of their Soap Operas. (Days being the last one left)

    Soaps are just not as popular as they were in the 80's and 90's rating wise.
  8. I'm just curious to know who Gwen's new man is!

    (And good for her for leaving and focusing on someone else!)
  9. Directv Is The Best....I Can Imagine Being W/O It. I Changed Right When Directv Was Introduced (I Couldn't Live Without My Yankees).

    If You Love The Soaps...Soapnet Is Fabulous.
  10. I could have written your post stewartsdsu!!! I love Passions and Days, and had the Direct TV installers come out but it would have been too invasive to try to run the Direct TV wires along the Comcast wiring from the roof and the dish would have been visible from the front of the house, etc., etc. Just not gonna do it, but I am going to miss the heck out of Passions. :crybaby:
  11. I think NBC wanted to expand one of their other shows, which would conflict with Passions.

    The choice was to either cancel Passions or move it to another network.

    (And the Direct TV season starts September 17.)
  12. i do not get dish network in my area i live in a rural area example my husband needed an ambulance and it took them 30 minutes to come very rural anyway i like passions and i will read the summery everyday
  13. ^^ Me too.

    Well, I will try and set my VCR timer to tape however many episodes there are left. After that I'll read the recaps.
  14. I am SO upset. Passions and Days are really the only daytime TV I watch. I have watched Days since I'm 16, lets's just say for awhile...But I'm really POed about Passions. I can't even get Direct TV. Hopefully someone here will write up about it and keep me posted...
  15. Actually, I WON'T have to set my VCR because I get out of work at 3:00, and the next day's episode is shown at 3:30! Woo hoo!

    (After it goes off NBC, I'm going to try to keep up with the story on the website.)