Passionate about Herme

  1. Thought I would check out the Herme forum. Lots of passion here but, I am not feeling it. I love handbags but, I am not connecting with Hermes. Not sure why? Maybe the much is the average Herme bag? Gucci and Prada are my main staples. Also I am fond of Chanel and I do own a LV but, find them over rated. Does it come down to personal preference? Herme is very classic...maybe I am not there yet. Or maybe it is because I have not held one or actually seen one except over the internet. Intrigued to find out more about Hermes but, at heart I am a Gucci gal.
  2. well hermès is not for everyone (like any brand out there) so it is fine if you do not love them but that maybe change once you felt the leather and inspect the craftsmenship in person

    ah the average kelly or birkin price is around 6-7 k in a basic leather
  3. You need to see/feel one in person! :love:
  4. Hi, Gucci gal, I kinda feel like you do about the Hermes passion. But I thnk that I will reserve judgement until I see one. I have never held a Hermes bag myself. Now, I do love there scarves, and I recently bought one. Very happy with the purchase. I am only passionate about the thing that I am insterested in at the moment, "there is no brand loyalty in me". I don't like some of the Snobbery that goes with Hermes. But this is not the case all the time. I like Gucci too also Prada and LV,Chloe. I have all of these bags,except Chloe. I have also lost it for LV. Never carry my speedy anymore, and I don't care for Coach, I have had several of these bags, but lost interest. Don't use my Prada and Gucci much either. I am interested in Fiore bags at the moment. Just bought one of them, "Easy Rider hobo and wallet, love this. I think Hermes has beautiful classic bags. I wouldn't crawl on my belly for one, as someone said in another thread and I won't take abuse for one from a SA. To me they are exquiste bags, I think the thing that would attract me most, is that it reminds me of my mom's handbags in the 60's. Anyway, I am pretty much where you are at. I am not comfortable with some of the things that I am reading in this Forum. The extent that people will go to get a bag from Hermes, is rather sad to me. When things become more important than my diginity, I will loose interest quick. I do think it wouldn't hurt to check out one of the Hermes stores. Good Luck Shopping.:blush:
  5. Hi there,

    First of all, Hermes handbags are made by hand entirely, which to some extend explains the price. To my knowledge, Hermes is one of the very few, if not the only one, bag makers that make their bags by hand. Like Gucci, Hermes started out as a saddler, but unlike Gucci, their saddles and bridles are still going strong today and are highly regarded among riders. But I digress.

    Snobby treatment by a SA should never be tolerated and is very un-Hermes. IMO, the Hermes SAs that have been rude or snotty to patrons should be reported to management. Normally, an Hermes SA is one of the sweetest, kindest, most helpful, most polite people ever.

    Another thing about Hermes is timelessness. Most of their handbags have been around for decades or even over a century and they are still going strong. If you buy an Hermes today, you can be sure that it will still be as chic in 50 years as it is today. Not many bagmakers can make that claim.

    Their quality is unsurpassed, with all their products. Their design is so sublime, so classy. For me Hermes is just the symbol of class and taste.
  6. Thank you ladies. They are timeless and less about being an "it" bag. I never see them so that is probably why I am not that into them. THe price tag on them is high which is another reason why they are not as popular. Do they make a hobo style or is the classic style the two handles? I use to be a Prada girl but, lately Gucci has lured me in. There are sooo many styles and the fall ads are devine. Hermes is not advertised the same way and seems to be more exclusive. I would like to learn more about Hermes because I love handbags. Thanks for sharing your passion for Hermes. When I see Gucci bags I get is soo therapeutic when I buy one...I get this rush and I love rotating them. My LV's and Prada's are sitting on the shelf because I am in Gucci mode right now. Hermes is much more pricy so, there is probably a mental barrier there telling me you know how many Gucci/Prada bags you could get for the same price. Handbags are my weakness and this site is showing me that I am not alone...I was worried.
  7. oh my dear that is untrue despite the price tag the bag (birkin and to a certain extend also the kelly ) is so coveted that you could wait for years to get the one you like. it sells like crazy

    but they have so many different styles the bolide or trim and as a hobo maybe the massai
    hermès has much much more to offer then only the two most famous ones kelly and birkin
  8. The Hobo styles I can think of right now is called "Trim" and another one, large, is called "Masai" (or Massai?).
    You can check pretty much all the bags out in the informative sticky thread.
  9. My sister is a huge Gucci fan too. I went to Gucci a couple of weeks ago to buy her a gift and loved what I saw in there. I can see why you love them. Your right about Hermes prices and a "mental barrier" It took me a long time to cross that line. I am glad I did though. Hermes bags are timeless. I love that everybag is handmade by one person. When my mother first saw and held my Kelly bag she told me she finally understood why they were so expensive. They are worth every penny. There are many styles of Hermes bags and I am sure there is one that will speak to you. The Massai is a hobo type bag. Here is a thread to look at The Trim is also a hobo style. You also might like the Evelyn and/or Vespa (not really hobos but rather messenger style bags).

    Look in the Hermes Informative Catalog too for other ideas.
  10. Thanks Dianagrace,

    Due to the fact that are handmade they are worth 6-8k. They are more pricy do they retain there value?

  11. the do not only retain their value they are selling for more then you paid for them (when it comes to birkin or kellys) and all the other bags are holding their value too.
    just take a look at ebay there you find bags selling for the double amount that they cost at the boutique
    or as i always say hermès is timeless style while everything else is only fashion
  12. Yes, they do retain their value.
  13. Oh, and I would also like to add that while it is true that the Kelly and Birkin are in the $6,000+ range, not every Hermes bag is that expensive. But every bag, no matter the price, is hand made with the same care and attention.
  14. They absolutely retain their value. No matter the condition or age, you'd always be able to sell a Birkin bag for as much or more than you paid on the secondhand market.
    My first Hermes bag was the Trim - a wonderful hobo that is actually the original "Jackie "O" that Gucci modeled their after. Check it out! You can find a used one for a reasonable price on ebay...
  15. i refuse to see the trim as a HOBO it is a shoulder bag and a friggin fabulous one ,period! ;)