Passionate about Gucci

  1. I :heart: channel, Prada and MJ but, this year there is something about Gucci. I am so drawn to Gucci and I cannot explain it. Does anyone else feel the same way. Prada this year does not excite me the way Gucci does. Also I do not understand the Hermes thing because the style to me seems dull. Mind you I have never seen or touched a real Hermes bag so perhaps my feelings would change. The price of the Hermes bags are intimidating as well. Gucci screams style...high style and lately I am loving :heart: Gucci more than any other designer. Gucci has it going on for sure
  2. same here! i initially bought lv's but now i am loving gucci so much! :smile:
  3. I'm with you. My first luxury bag was a Gucci. I worked across the street from a boutique and treated myself after getting a bonus. I've been hooked ever since. It is all about Gucci and Chanel for me. I have a sexy daring hip-hop youthful party girl diva side that needs to be a showstopper and make a statement...Gucci suits that side of me in bags and shoes. :graucho: :jammin: :supacool: :drinkup: :party: I'm going to a Mary J Blige concert tonight and I will definitely be carrying a Gucci bag. Chanel is more my sophisticated lady lawyer corporate america socializing amongst high net worth types mode. :blah: :smartass: :queen: They are my two favorite brands and suit both sides of me. Excluding some of the Guccissima bags, I am not as excited about some of the Gucci handbags these last couple of years which is probably a good thing for my wallet but I have been doing damage collecting some older handbags and new styles of Gucci shoes lately. The only times I have strayed have been for LV Suhali, Fendi spy and Bottega hobo and a custom made Birkin like bag in fabulous togo leather with no logos as I'd never drop more than about $3k on a bag ever but I do like the style of that bag.
  4. Me too! I've fallen for Gucci and can't get up!
  5. Gucci gals...Gucci seems to rock right now....Prada is not doing much for me this year but, there is something about Gucci that has me soo into handbags and no other designer has captured my attention ohhh except for MJ...he does have it going on as well but, Gucci still wins me over right now...
  6. i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the gucci bags! their styles are so classic and chic they totally play it cool
    i absolutely adore some of the winter handbags coming out but my gucci bag (first one) will be from the classic range! im totally excited i cant wait! i always thought id get a gucci bag first but ended up with LV
    Gucci has always been my love though, hense the name
  7. Yes, My first designer bag was Gucci as well! My mom gave me her vintage Gucci Satchel (more like a doctor bag), (Gucci Plus Line from the 1980's, has the word Plus on the logos), which she only used twice for my first year in College and I was so excited.. Ever since then I was hooked. My two favorite designers are also Gucci and Chanel. I've also strayed to get a Louis Vuitton and a BE & D. Got myself and EPI Yellow St Jacques and a Garbo Satchel in Azure Blue. But Gucci is my first love. :heart:
  8. I was never a big fan of Gucci but I'm starting to like it a lot. I am going to wait til December for their sale and start a Gucci collection.