Passing The Collection Plate

  1. I want this bag SO BAD, but I'm SO BROKE!!! :hysteric::crybaby::hysteric:


  2. LOL...Its a great bag...I had one sent to me from Prada..BUT it was WAY bigger and looked like a carry on size..Otherwise I woulda kept it!
  3. The bag is TDF. Jill,can you tell me how much the bag was?
  4. You may remember I was lusting after the smaller, flap top version and was trying to get it from Sada, but I'm glad that fell through because I like this larger, zip top version.

    Now if I can rob a bank on the way home, she'll be MINE!

    Boku: The bag is $1720 on Bluefly, but it's normally around $2000-2500 give or take.
  5. ^^Thank you.
  6. That's a beautiful bag! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that rich, brown color! I hope you get it:yes:
  7. I love this bag too but I think it will be dated very might not want to carry it next year.
  8. Love the buckle! And the leather, oh the leather! :tender:
  9. Lovely.
  10. It looks lovely =)
  11. Prada, are you broke because you were spending too much time in Perry's? LOL ;)