Passing on the "Pearls of Wisdom"

  1. Hi everyone,

    Well, some of you will remember that I won the "Pearls of Wisdom" from a fellow PF'r. My husband feels that we have a wonderful life with our family and children and that we are very lucky in everything that we have been blessed with! I totally agree with him. He thinks that I should pass on the pearls of wisdom to someone who could use the "wisdom" right now.

    So, if you'd be interested in a little wisdom, please post here and I will select a winner Sunday night and ship them out the the lucky PF'r!!

    Thanks all, and good luck!!:yes:
  2. thanks for passing on the "pearls of wisdom" to us pf ladies, I would love to be entered in the drawing because I am going through something really difficult right now.
  3. O MY GOD!!!! I love love love pearls but have NEVER had the real thing!! Please count me in!!!! > I think thats such a nice thing to do - "pass on the pearls of wisdom", thank you.
  4. Aww, that's awesome to hear. It feels like we're getting all into something like sisterhood of travelling pants. If you would include me in the draw, I would really appreciate it - I'm kind of going through a rougher patch in life.
  5. That is so sweet of you Traci, and I am happy to hear that you and hubby are doing so well. Please consider me in the drawing, we have had a few set backs and I could certainly use all the wisdom I can get!
  6. Please count me in Traci. Thank you. You are very sweet to do this:flowers:
  7. count me in! you are so nice to pass these on!
  8. Tr444...this reminds me of the movie "Pass It Forward"...have you all seen it? I would love to be involved and to be counted in...I almost feel blessed by having the chance! Maybe one person can be chosen with the idea they will pass forward some goodness of their own to someone in the world.

    A very kind and touching gesture! I am excited.
  9. Well ladies, only 2 more hours to go! I will put names in and draw at 10:00pm. Last call.....
  10. Okay, I'm putting the names into a hat (since there's only 7 of you). Here we go!!!!!!
  11. And the winner is........................
  12. Ayla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations Ayla!!!!

    I will pm you for your address!!!!!
  13. Thank you so much !! :heart::yes:

    And hopefully, I'll be able to pass these babies on to another PF member sooner rather than later. ;)
  14. Congratulations Ayla! Thanks again, Traci!
  15. Aww I saw this too late but it's ok because it went to a marvelous PFer!

    Congrats Ayla and tr444, you're a doll!