Passing down Hermes collection

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  1. Apologies in advance if this may be too dark, but for those who don't have a daughter, who would you pass your Hermes/purse collection to? I love my collection, but have 2 sons who probably don't care for my purses. I've doing estate planning and writing wills, so this came up and I'm curious what others do. Sell? Give to other females you are close to?
  2. hello,
    my husband and I don't have any kids... and we had our wills already.. I have a sister, 2 nieces and 1 goddaughter --so I listed them. I also have been actively involve with non-profit organizations and I may donate for them to auction.
    hopefully this helps.

  3. If your sons have wives or may have wives in the future then you can pass on your bags to them. If not, then you can sell them ((if you aren't really using them)) and donate the money to a charity of your choice, or put that money towards the will if you'd like.

    Good luck with your decision! :smile:
  4. Daughter in laws? Grand daughters?
  5. I will sell most away before i passed away
    Keeping just a few
    And give to those dear and important people to me as a memory
  6. My one son is married and I hope the other is as well before I die. And I have two daughters and GDs. My plan is to tell them to each take one or more if they'd like them to remember me by and, if not, they can sell them.
  7. I don't have kids, so I added an addendum to my will detailing which nieces, cousins, and friends get which bags in my collection. I also listed my jewelry, art, and furs. I figure they can use them in my memory or sell them for the cash. :biggrin:
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    I'm passing on my Hermes as I stop wearing it for what ever reason. We have no children but masses of nephews & nieces who of course all have excellent taste If they want the cash and choose to sell that's ok too. Decisions are part of being adults and I'm happy to help in any way.

    After I'm gone I really couldn't care less.

    We have just done through this situation with my in-laws. It was a huge eye opener.

    Now we are planning for my mother's demise. Basically she would like everything given away, while she is still alive, to the people who will treasure it most.

    I have attempted to give some Hermes scarves to various charities for auctions or special sales and was not happy with the casual way they were received and doubted they would even make into an auction. Also was unhappy with a theft at a charity auction we attended. I now prefer to give my charities money or very specific gifts which I know are needed. If you want to give valuables to a charity I suggest you check to see if they have a procedure in place to realize the best value.
  9. I don't have kids and I only have one niece. My niece will inherit everything I own. But, honestly, when she goes through my things, I doubt that she will recognize the true value of my Hermes pieces as she is not that familiar with the brand. If she decides to dispose of my collection, I want her to be aware that she could make $$$ selling that stuff. So I made a list of my lux pieces, which I keep with my will, so that the stuff does not end up at the charity shop or, worse, in the dumpster.
  10. I too have 2 sons. My plan is to sell the bags to travel the world before I die. If I drop dead all of the sudden, they can do whatever they want with my bags. I don't care. I'm in heaven.

  11. +1 or favorite nieces?
  12. may i add my experience? my grandmother had passed me down many valuable goods such as jewelries, leather (exotics mainly) purses, and even furnitures. most of them are not my taste and to my likings but because of the sentimental and the market value, i can not discard them. my grandmother didn't even specifically assign the inheritance to me; it was more like she just left them behind so the family shared what were left to be picked up. she was wealthy and did go on binge shopping and her excuse was that she will pass them down to her daughters and granddaughters. her luxurious binge shopping didn't perceive well on me even as a young person; it reflexed egoism and self indulgence. please don't mistake me; i LOVE shopping at H and people at this forum do so too. i am not criticising lux shopping; we all appreciate the high quality level of H products and enjoy it. i just wanted to put down my personal experience with inheritance
  13. When I get too feeble to carry my bags, I plan to have an auction house sell them for me.
  14. I also have no children but have two nieces, who are aware of the value of my bags as well as some of my jewelry. They will inherit my estate and will probably use the bags when they feel comfortable doing so. I use mine daily and do not baby them, so I hope they will also.
  15. I think this is nice. Choosing the item will mean much more to each person, even if they eventually sell it, and they will remember your kindness and love.