Passerby-you big old doll you!!!!

  1. That was just the sweetest, most unexpected thing ever! I just love it all! youa re too kind and I don't deserve it (but, will take it anyway, LOL).

    Here are some pics of what Passerby sent me (sorry they aren't so great);

    A beautiful tiny leather book/key chanin with a metal dove on the outside;


    Here is the inside of the book-beautiful blank pages:


    And, then this gorgeous necklace and earring set:


    You're the best Cyn! :heart:
  2. Awww Nishi what a wonderful surprise. Nice one Passerby x
  3. Aw! What a cute surprise! Passerby, you're so sweet!
  4. How sweet!!!
  5. Aww, congrats! Everything is so gorgeous! How kind of you, passerby!
  6. that leather book is so cute!! how nice!
  7. I love that, so sweet!
  8. How sweet! Haven't seen you at all Nishi, I didn't miss your birthday did I???:push:
  9. Nishi, you so deserve the gifts because you are a sweetheart. I can still remember how you asked me to suggest a tote for you many many moons ago and I absolutely bombarded you with suggestions, had such fun searching for bags! Am delighted to see the pics, thanks for posting them.

    riffraff, sheishollywood, Pursegrrl, margaritaxmix, noon, gacats, chag - thanks for the kind comments. I'm sure you'll agree Nishi deserves the gifts :smile:
  10. aw, so cute! passerby you are an angel! :love:
  11. Passerby is one of the sweetest people on tPF! We're lucky to have her here.

    Nishi, that's really a lovely little book--the pages look handmade.