Passerby you Angel

  1. so every so often in life, you get blessed.

    someone does something nice for you, or you find 20 dollars on the ground, or you see someone you haven't seen in ages, etc etc. we all get blessed once in a while.

    sometimes all it takes is a kind reminder that there are GOOD people out there, within all of the bad things that go on in life. encouragement and kind caring words do a lot more for a person that most people seem to realize.

    a few days ago (sry for the delay, had to get the digi) i recieved a gift in the mail from Cyn, who is from Singapore. i will probably never meet her, (although i wish) and i wish there were things i could do for her to show her how much she really means to me.

    i've never recieved a gift like this before, so it definately set me back, and i ended up shedding a few tears in front of a few friends. corny, but insanely true.

    i'm a gal with a pretty rough exterior, and when someone can break me down from that far away, you know they've done something right.

    i'd just like to let everyone know, Random Acts of Kindness DO exsist outside of the comittee as well, and i really want Passerby to know how much i appricated this gift, so i am showing it off (proudlyyyyy) and telling everyone what a wonderful person she is.

    thank you for being a great person, and knowing a few little steps in life to take, to make someone elses day better. you really did touch my heart. thank you so much.

    :heart: Jes:heart:

    here are the pix of this gorgous token of inspiration:





    and if anyone is wondering why i recieved this encouraging gift, i was having a rough time, and started a few threads not too long ago about how worried about my life i am. i've been really down lately, and thanks to the encouragement of all you, i'm slowly moving back up in the world. thanks Cyn, thanks TPF.

    :love: u all.

    ETA: to see how the accordian book opens better, click the second to last picture in the attached thumbnails. it was too long to put the picture in the post, it cut off the end.
    Sweet Cyn.JPG Fuzzy Inspiration.JPG the gift.JPG the statement.JPG my statement.JPG
  2. How thougtful and sweet. I have often thought to myself that passerby is a thoughtful poster on tPF and here is further proof...
  3. ^ITA!

    I love TPF and its members!!!
  4. definately proof that this community is tight, and that we care about eachother. very refreshing :yes:
  5. VERY sweet passerby! :biggrin:
  6. So sweet of you, passerby ! I hope it cheered you up, Bliss! How's the job hunting going?
  7. i got a job and now my car's brakeline leaks so i can't go anywhere. someone shoot me.
  8. Awww how sweet and kind of you passerby !
  9. Passerby you are such a doll!
  10. Awww, Jes! :heart:
  11. Passerby is definitely one of our shining stars. She is always so helpful to everyone, whether it is finding just the right bag or cheering someone up!
  12. That is so sweet. It just shows that there are a lot of good people in this world.
  13. aww... how incredibly sweet! passerby is such a thoughtful person!
  14. Passerby IS a sweetheart! Always has been, always will be. That was a lovely gesture.
  15. What a beautiful thoughtful gift!