passed on...?

  1. Hey everyone, does anyone know where i can find second hand Authentic designer handbags? :confused1:
    (other than eBay)
  2. :smile:Hi - try 'Anns Fabulous Finds'

    Or Orange Me

    I understand these are reputable, and good to deal with. I haven't any personal experience - although I have mailed Anns - and she was really helpful!

    Hope that helps!!:yes:

  3. Note to self: never follow links like this :sweatdrop:
    OMG those king and queen earrings on the front page are so cute!
  4. :nuts:They are aren't they!??

    I'm NOT going there....................
  5. Ann's has some good stuff :tup: I check the site every day :p
  6. Ann has a presale on right now, 19th and 20th only. soooo dangerous, and she ships to Canada!:yes:

    10% off previously discounted items and balenciaga
    15% off Chanel & LV
    20% off all other designers
    use summersale at check out
  7. Oh my... :nuts: Oh my... :nuts:
  8. those are great sites! thanks girls!