Passed on the birkin offer... BUT a reveal must go on!

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  1. A few ays ago I asked for help from you ladies for 30 rouge tomate birkin w/ghw offer I received from my dear SA. However, I am a sucker for structured bags and even though I loved everything about this bag, I just couldn't get over the floppiness of the taurillon clemence.

    I went to the boutique again a day later to look at it again, but it seemed the floppiness got worse! The bottom sides were completely bent inwards and the pictures that I am attaching is the aftermath of my SA stuffing the bag with even more tissue paper...

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  2. Good decision to pass if you didn't love the bag!
  3. Yay live reveal!!!
  4. But! I also received an incredible news the same morning from my son who just got into Harvard MBA!!! So I mean we've got to celebrate right? :yahoo:

    So I came home with a little something something for him that I will give to him tomorrow at the mother's day brunch!

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  5. An orange box.

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  6. Ribbon has been undone. :graucho:

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  7. And ta-da!

    Cape Cod GM watch with havana crocodile strap!

    Its such as timeless piece and just love this style.

    I know that my son has been thinking of buying this watch. Can't wait for tomorrow!:lol:

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  8. But really, I just want to thank my SA for being such a sweet heart and is still trying her best to get me birkin/kelly that I want to have in my collection. The same day she also showed me 2 other birkin options as well as another kelly, but she knew that these were not what I was looking for so she completely understood me passing up on them and told me that I should only buy what is exactly right for me. LOVE HER! Hope the right one comes along pretty soon :love:
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  9. Congrats rhm! Glad you did not settle, your SA is a sweetheart indeed and i am sure the perfect b will come along soon. Even more congrats on your son's mba news! What a great mom and gift. :smartass::tup:
  10. You did well not buying the bag. Don't like the slouch either. Hope you'll find the perfect one soon.
    The watch is stunning. Congratulations to your son.
  11. Wow that is an awesome gift for getting in Harvard! Congrats to your son for making his mom proud! Clearly a very smart mom who knows what she wants :smile:
  12. Congratulations to your son and you!! Amazing!! The watch is gorgeous. You will find the perfect b/k soon!!!

  13. Congratulations!! You must be a very proud mama! Enjoy your Mother's Day and enjoy surprising your son with his new watch! ️️
  14. wow!! congrats!
  15. Congratulations on your son's acceptance to Harvard...what wonderful news!! The watch is gorgeous and I'm sure it will be a special Mother's Day memory :smile:

    Your SA sounds wonderful...I've no doubt you will have your perfect bag in no time at all! As a side note, it was nice to see a pic of rouge tomate. I had no idea how bright it was...looks like a fun color!