Pass them on or wear them out?

Jan 23, 2006
Personally I feel I will wear out most of my bags, maybe pass on some of the bags to my Daughter (who is still in intense training ) BUT !!!! for my very high end bags (Hermes, Chanel ) I intend to be buried with them.

How about you ? Pass them on or wear them out?
mmm...10 years ago, I would have wanted to be buried with them, but as I get older, material things are not as important (yeah, right). I think I could let go of my most coveted handbags and hand them down to my niece....after a few glasses of wine.
I think I would try to pass them down. It never occured to me that they could be wonderful heirlooms until people started to chat about it on the forum.
pass them on to my kids. i have started teaching my daughter (she's 8) about the good bags and the better bags and the knock offs. (she's quite good actually, and we have shared some embarassing stories due to her complete honesty..... imagine a small elevator... a woman comes in with a knock off black multi colored speedy, and i happen to be using mine that same day. my daughter looks at her bag, then mine and says really loud, "Mom, look she has a knock-off LV, the colours are all wrong." i smiled sweetly, took my daughters' hand and said.... "yes dear, you're right." the doors opened and we walked out. thank god for the short ride. but my daughter was right! the woman tried to hide her bag behind her as she walked away.....)

i did tell my daughter to use her quiet voice next time.

she deserves my hand me downs.... hell she has two mini speedys' already. first monogram when she was born, the second was the white mini multi.....too cute!