Pashminas - recommendations please!

  1. Hey gals!

    Please point me in the direction of where to find good quality pashminas. I've been doing a lot of traveling lately and can no longer over stuff my Birkin with the same traveling blanket!

    TIA :heart:
  2. They are so many for sale at eBay. They are so cute but I made a thread here too and I found out the might be not even real cashemere so I went to Marschalls, yes Marschalls and they had so many and very cheap but good quality. I got a couple and I got one more today at Macys only 46.00

  3. I like the ones at Henri Bendel in New York. I think they're about $140 and very cozy.
  4. Thanks ladies! I'm off pashmina shopping today--I love how they keep you warm without being overly thick!
  5. they had alot of nice ones at lord and taylor when i went yesterday
  6. haha I bought one from a street vendor for $5......
  7. I bought some on eBay, you can find a wide range of colours there. And my mother in law went to India (I think?) and brought me some. I love pashminas!
  8. tjmaxx had some for 12.99
  9. Pashminas are definitely my favourites... They are very convenient in many ways. They are suprisingly warm (since approximately one third of body warmth evaporates via head and neck), but still can be taken off and folded away easily. I wear one almost daily.

    But I am rather picky with my pashminas; they have to be either 100% cashmere or with a little bit of silk blended in!

    I have ordered five pashminas from - they have such a variety of drool-worthy colours, and several sizes to choose from. And they are hand-made in Nepal.
  10. Can anyone recommend an eBay seller who sells authentic pashminas? I'd love to get one!