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  1. My wonderful brother brought me and my mom both Pashmina shawls back from Florence, Italy. They are 100% cashmere, one pink & one baby blue. Would love some suggestions on how to wear them~ they are sooo soft and beautiful! :biggrin:
  2. I have several Pashmina shawls and love them! I tend to wear them in a practical way -- for warmth -- rather than as a fashion accessory. So I wear them in winter as a scarf under my coat, when I'm traveling on an airplane to keep warm, when I'm going out in a sleeveless dress and want something to put over my sholders if I get cold. What is great is that they are so lightweight and don't take up much space.
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    most of the time if you buy a real cashmere pashmina it is not really all cashmere; one way to notice if it really is if you can fit it through a ring. meaning you slip the pashimina (one end) through the ring and it slides right through.

    as per wearing them you can loop and it pull it through. you are able to wear it around your shoulders and tie it on the back; you can even wrap them around the handles of your handbag to show off the colors and what not.
  4. I've got one red pashmina (70% pashmina, 30% silk - it's still pashmina, right? :P). It is sooo warm and soft. When I wrap it around my head I look like Little Red Riding Hood :biggrin:
  5. :idea:

    For further ideas have a look in the Hermes Forum threads related to H's cashmere shawls