1. Hi Ladies!

    Do you have any suggestions for a cashmere/silk blend pashmina for a resonable price (under $250)? I love the Burberry ones and they're so soft but I want something I won't need to baby so much! Thanks!
  2. I´ve bought my pashiminas from MEXX and H&M and I also have a Louis Vuitton one. There are differences though, I know mine aren´t probably the "real" pashminas.
  3. Hi!
    I really love pashmina! :heart:
    They are very popular here in Italy! Well, I don't have any branded pashmina.
    I have bought some of them in some markets, they were about 15 euro.
    Also, my grandparents went for a trip to China and they bought there a pashmina for me, it's my favourite for sure!! :heart:
    Have you tried to look at
  4. Hi Ladies!!
    Thank you for the suggestions. I will take a look at those places. I just want something that will last for a while and be super soft! Thank you!
  5. I also think that Gucci makes them and Etro, maybe etro is cheaper.
    I'm quite sure that LV pashmina was 250 euro some years ago, so it's out of the budget. Would you prefer a plain color or something different?
  6. A plain color would be great. I wonder if I should just pay for the Burberry cashmere?
  7. Thank you Alice, that is gorgeous! I"ll see if I can find something on the U.S. side.
  8. i buy mine off eBay.