pashmina info needed

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  1. I just purchased several 100% pashmina wraps in 2 ply and was wondering just how warm are they? can they be worn with jeans and a t-shirt and look ok? I live in colorado and I am an outside only smoker and was wondering will a pashmina wrap be warm enough to use in the winter over a sweater or sweatshirt? please post pics of you wearing your pashmina wraps with various outfits.
    can a pashmina easily be kept in a med large handbag?
    any pashmina wrap/shawl information and pics are greatly appreciated.
  2. anyone?
  3. They are very warm to me but I live in FL so that probably doesn't help much. I think they can look cute with anything depending on how you wear it. With a really casual look (jeans) I think they're cute as a scarf, folded in half lengthwise with the ends tucked through the fold. Then you can pull it off and wrap it if you need the warmth outside. I love seeing how everyone wears them. Hope you get some pictures.:yes:
  4. thank you for your responce, I just love the idea they are so light weight and warm from what ive heard. I love shawls but they are never warm enough in cotton or acrylics, I cant wait to try the pashmina.
  5. My pashminas are warm, I wear them as scarves with coats, or as wraps on cool summer nights or moderate spring/fall days. Not a substitute for a coat/jacket, though, IMO.
    I have no trouble fitting them in a med. handbag, I like to fold mine up small and stuff them in a ziploc plastic bag to protect them from purse grit and snags from keys, etc.
  6. thats a great idea, thank you! living in Colorado the weather can change drastically in just a matter of a few hours so I think keeping one with me will come in handy.