Pashmina anyone?

  1. What is pashmina? is it a good material to make scarves with, is it soft like silk or more like cotton. Sorry I dont really know what it is. Thanks everyone


  2. I love this style of scarf, whether it's real pashmina cashmere or regular whatever. I have two and I wear them all the time.
  3. Pashmina is very soft and lightweight. I have two Pashmina scarves I got in India and love them. Unfotunately there is a lot of fake pashmina around, so you have to be careful when you are buying it.
  4. Pashmina is a type of wool that comes the under belly of a Himalayan Mountain goat. There are many variations of pashimas one can get depending on the ply and blend you prefer. The most expensive being 100% pashmina with a 2 or more ply. Some people prefer a 30/70 blend of silk and pashmina because pure pashmine tends to be rather gauzy.

    Like jayjay77 stated, there are lots of fakes out there so be careful. I visited Kathmandu Nepal this summer and could not pass up the chance to get a couple authentic pashminas.... yeah!!!!! :graucho: