Pasadena and Your first time traveling alone


what MJ handbag should I bring with me?

  1. Stam

  2. Ursula Elise

  3. Alfred

  4. no designer handbag

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  1. I work for H&M and they're sending me down to Pasadena to support the store opening. I'll be working there for three weeks. They'll be paying for everything including food, air fare, and hotel. I'm scared though. I've never ever traveled alone before. Also, I won't have a car with me and I don't have any plans to rent one after hearing about how violent L.A. drivers are. Does anyone have any advice for me on what I should do for fun in Pasadena? How do people get around if they don't have cars? I kind of want to go to Hollywood for Universal Studios.

    Also, tell me about your first time traveling alone.

    P.S.-I don't know what handbag I should bring. It's between Marc Jacobs Ursula Elise, Stam, or Alfred.
  2. I like the look of the Alfred. What color is yours?

    Maybe you can hook up with an LA PFer? Or you could contact a tour company. Have fun! I like travelling alone - that way, I can do/see what I want without conflicting with someone else.
  3. Don't worry Archipelago, Pasadena is a perfectly nice part of L.A.! You will love it. :smile:

    I think I know the location of the store they are sending you to, is it in Oldtown Pasadena? (I've seen an H&M "Coming Soon" ad up there). The area is a historic landmark, w/ some nice retail shops (J.Crew, Banana R) and lots of places to eat (Cheesecake Factory should be w/in walking distance of your store). The vibe is pretty chill on the weekdays and quite busy on weekends.

    I would strongly suggest that you do rent a car when you arrive, though. The public transportation system is not good at all in L.A. The Metro system only goes to certain places in the city. Depending on how long you are going to be there and whether you have friends w/ cars that can drive you around, if you are staying for a week or more, you should probably rent.

    Have a great time and a safe trip! If you have any other qs about the city, feel free to pm me as I'm from L.A.
  4. You must be talking about the new H&M in Old Town Pasadena? Do you know where you will be staying? I love Pasadena, there are tons of good restaurants in Old Town and you should get a car. It's not that scary to drive around Pasadena or LA for that matter. Are you flying into Burbank? If you want, you can take a taxi from Burbank or LAX to Pasadena, rent a car there so you can drive around during the 3 weeks there. You should check out the Huntington Library in nearby San Marino. Go to the flea market at the Rose Bowl. It's fun. Don't worry, you will be fine, and you will have so much fun.
  5. That is so cool! So many people on here have cool jobs. :biggrin:

    If you're going to be in a hotel for three weeks, it might be a nice idea to bring along little luxuries to pretty up the place: scented bags for your drawers (I have a few gingham print ones from Crabtree & Evelyn), candles, or even just some nice soap or bubble bath. :smile:
  6. oooh awesome you work for H&M! i live 10 minutes away from old town! ive been waiting for that H&M to open along with the one at santa anita which is like right by my house. when does the old pas one open? im so excited!! :smile: i've only been there twice--once in germany and once in new york and i cant wait for it to open right here in socal! :smile:

    its kind of difficult to get around if you dont have a car in socal... i dont think LA drivers are too crazy.. i think the easiest thing to do is rent a car. if not, do you have any friends/family in the LA area? if so, definitely call them up and im sure they'll know tons of places to bring you around to.

    old pas is really great--it's one of my favorite places to go to. im there alot since i have alot of friends that work there and it's a really nice relaxing place to eat and shop at. :smile: since you'll be here for 3 weeks you should definitely hit up all the great places to shop in LA! also--universal studios is really fun--i have an annual pass and i love it. :smile:
  7. LA driver's aren't violent.. it's really more about certain areas of the Valley.. and like eveyrone said, you really do need a car because the Metro system in LA is nothing like the Bart system up north.. it sucks beyond belief and it'll probably take you an hour to go 3 blocks.
  8. You will really need a car to enjoy any time off during your time in LA. There are so many great neighborhoods (and shopping areas) to explore. Public transportation in LA is just not very efficient...
  9. Pasadena is a great place. Depends on where you are staying, if you stay close to H&M, you can basically get everything in walking distance. I think there is a Ralphs nearby. There are good restaurants, cinemas and shopping, etc. I am scared of driving in too but when I was living in Pasadena for six months 3 years ago, I survived without driving on freeway. I went everywhere local. Otherwise, it would be hubby driving.
    There should be shuttle to take you to Universal Studio, I think.
    Good luck.
  10. I found out that I'll be staying at The Westin Pasadena. Hopefully, it'll be nice and clean.

    The H&M store is opening on Thursday the 21st at 12:00. It's on Colorado Blvd. Feel free to drop by and check it out! It's going to be crazy.
  11. ^^ All the best for safe and adventurous travel, archipelago! (Oh, and I voted for the Stam - rock on!)
  12. The important stuff first - go with the STAM. :wlae:

    I traveled alone on business for the first time last year. It was fun although it was a bit WEIRD being in the hotel room by myself. I learned to unpack right away (my bathroom amenities, makeup, curling iron, etc.) so the room feels more like MINE. It worked out really nicely and was quite liberating!! :smile:

    Oh, and we are not VIOLENT drivers. :lol: I'm more afraid of bringing my car to your area than in LA. You'll be living in a very nice part of town (I just drove by the Westin yesterday!) A lot of things will be walking distance from your hotel (lots of shopping, starbucks/jamba juice, all sorts of restaurants imaginable).

    Although everything will be very accessible by foot, I still STRONGLY recommend that you rent a car. If you are too afraid to go on the freeway, there are a lot of neighboring areas that you can reach by surface street.

    Let me know if you need anything else! :flowers:
  13. I'm also a SF transplant (in LA for grad school) - and Pasadena is by far my favorite thing about SoCal. You will love it there. Colorado Blvd (the street your store is located on) has everything you could possibly want as far as shops/restaurants goes - even a cute outdoor mall (Paseo Colorado) with a movie theatre. I highly recommend stopping by Vroman's Bookstore (a few blocks past the mall on Colorado...) they have a great selection and the frozen hot chocolate in their cafe is FABULOUS. :biggrin:

    Good luck, and safe travels!

    P.S. I vote for the Stam!