Partying at Prada: "Waist Down" Hits Rodeo Drive

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    Partying at Prada: "Waist Down" Hits Rodeo Drive
    Jenny Peters
    Fri Jul 14, 2:55 PM ET

    Fashion Wire Daily - Los Angeles - When Miuccia Prada comes to town, Hollywood sits up and takes notice. The designer invited some of her closest friends to celebrate her traveling exhibition, “Waist Down: Skirts by Miuccia Prada,” to her Rodeo Drive “Epicenter” shop for a six week showing on Thursday, July 13.

    Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton both chose yellow Prada summer dresses, while Eva Mendes went with a simple strapless dark dress. Courtney Love did basic black, as did Taryn Manning, Amanda Peet, and Nicole Richie, while Heather Graham chose a red strapless and Jaclyn Smith wore grey.

    As guests filled the three-story shop, the party was filled with famous faces at every turn, on every step, mixed in among the twirling skirts, cardboard images, and glowing stands of the exhibition. Rebecca Romjin towered at the top of the stairs, while Amber Valletta showed off her famous figure in high heels and golden satin short-shorts. Mary-Kate Olsen, Lake Bell, Alicia Witt, Patricia Arquette, Molly Sims, and Ali Larter added gorgeous glam to the proceedings, while the always-fabulous Angie Harmon explained why a Prada party is a good reason to get a sitter and head out on the town.

    “Her clothes are just so wonderful,” said Harmon. “I'm wearing all Prada tonight - well, except for these [Christian] Louboutin shoes. And I bought it all! I'm willing to buy Prada, since I have two daughters and I know that I can pass down the pieces to them, and they will always be classics.”

    And it seems like the rest of Hollywood's fashionable females agree, for it isn't just Veuve Cliquot champagne and Dungeness crab that brings out the A-listers, it's the clothes.

    Plenty of striking men also attended the bash: Joaquin Phoenix chatted with Prada, while Dustin Hoffman checked out the installation. Sir Ben Kingsley rubbed shoulders with LL Cool J, Giovanni Ribisi, and Jason Bateman, and singer Lyle Lovett looked like the epitome of cool in a dark suede Prada jacket.

    “I've been wearing Prada for a long time,” said Lovett as classic rock and roll music filled the air. “I always come back to Prada because of how good her clothes make me feel. They are so comfortable that you never feel like you're wearing a costume when you've got Prada on, you just feel great.”

    “Waist Down” exhibition will be on display at the Prada Rodeo Drive store from July 14 to August 27.
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