Party season is in the air!!

  1. Hey guys, I know quite few of you are invited to LV parties this month and I also would like to share the good news that, this afternoon when I came by the store I was personally invited by the store manager in Beijing to attend their Christmas cocktail party on 22nd December!!!

    WOHOOOOOO!!!! :yahoo:

    The manager told me that I was one of the first ones to be invited to the party simply because they haven't informed many people about it.

    She told me that I have to attend because they will be giving out GIFTS!! I will be getting LV Candles for the event.. :wtf::drool:

    At the moment I am not sure if I can go, because my flight to Indonesia has been booked. I have to go back for my friend's wedding on 24th Dec...

    I was thinking.. hummm... LV party or my friend's wedding. LOL! I'm such a bad person...

    Luckily the manager said to me that even if I'm not going, they will be putting aside some candles for me (she asked me if one is enough? I thought myself: OF COURSE NOT!! There is no such thing as enough gifts from LV is there? LOL!)

    I think I'm gonna try to change the dates of my flight if its possible......

    Anyway, thanks for reading my rants... it's another good day at LV...
  2. How cool, can I come as your guest?! lol

    That sounds like so much fun. Have fun (if you end up going).
  3. Ooo sounds great!
    Have fun , Don't forget to report back if you go :smile:
  4. Lucky you !! Congrats !!
  5. i'm green with envy~~~~
  6. I love weddings, so if you ditch the wedding I volunteer to take your place! LOL!
  7. no no no, i am not gonna the ditch the wedding. as much as i love LV... my friend's wedding is more important than lv party. :smile:

    after few hours trying to change my flight, i finally found a seat! so now i can go to both, the lv party and my friend's wedding!

  8. Have fun at both !!

    I just got the invite to my LV holiday party today.....:wlae:
  9. I hope you can go to both! The party sounds like so much fun!
  10. have fun!
  11. you should go! LV before friends and family :p just kidding.
  12. LOL!! :angel:
  13. Have fun at the party and your friends wedding!
  14. ~You got it made:party: HAVE A BLAST at both events!!~
  15. Sounds Fun!! Glad u can make it afterall!!