party outfit advice needed

  1. I have a 50th birsthday party to attend a week next Friday. I have have paired a skirt (boutght ages ago but only fits now!:wlae: ) with a black sleeveless top.

    The skirt has pink and green embroidery, so I want to pair it with green shoes and vintage bag. The bag, too, was bought a over a year ago but never used.

    The only thing is, the shoes are teal and the bag is a much darker green. Do you think I could match them? (I have pink sandals but no dressy bag)

    I an tempted to bring forward that Lulu Guiness clutch on my wishlist :graucho: (the satin would match the skirt) but that would make the whole oufit black.:sweatdrop:

    I have attached pics
    DSCF1073.JPG DSCF1074i.JPG DSCF1081i.JPG
  2. first of all, i like the outfit! the skirt is gorgeous and i think the vintage clutch is really pretty too. it might just be the light on the pic i think maybe the shoes aren't dressy enough? IMO the bag and shoes don't necessarily have to match. the skirt has both pink and green so you could very well wear pink shoes (provided they are dressy enough) and keep the green clutch. i would also see this outfit with some black patent shoes, maybe slingbacks or pointy patent mary-janes.
  3. I agree with Sputnik, there's something about those shoes that makes me say no to them. Call me crazy but I think a pair of flats would be Ok... otherwise mary-janes would look lovely. By the way, the clutch is AMAZING! I love the closure, it adds a decadent feel to it. And the dress is super cute, I love that the cut is 1950's inspired with a touch of hippy-ness.
  4. Cute. You don't have to match the bag with the sandals. I don't think I would.

    I would do a black peep toe pump or black sandals with a bright bag in one of the colors in your skirt.

    Or If you want to wear the black bag, I would do a bright dressy shoe in one of the colors of the skirt.

    And that clutch is fab!
  5. Love the dress, absolutely fab... love the clutch as well.
    Don't know about the shoes... maybe black/silver shoes if you are keeping the clutch?

    Enjoy the party! ;)
  6. thanks for the advice ladies :smile:

    The green shoes are heeled court shoes, more office wear, I suppose. Howver Icompletely forgot that I have a pair of black mary janes hidden away in a box. I'm definately more of a bag lady than a show lady ;)

    the green bag is babulous, isn't it? it has a small wrist chain too. Apparently it's Victorian but I got it off eBay for a steal, so I'm skeptical. I've taken a better photo of it. The clasp is made of a thick metal, mabybe not silver and I'd love to find a way tp olish it properly.

    So what do you think of this combination instead?
    DSCF1143.JPG DSCF1147.JPG DSCF1148.JPG
  7. What a beautiful outfit! I love the green velvet clutch. The black Mary Janes look lovely and would compliment your skirt and top very well. The clutch is a lovely deep accent of Green to lift your outfit from being too black.

    To top it off, you could add a striking piece of v.dark green jewellery either an elegant necklace or earrings...
  8. Love that purse and a "purse framed" bag is the "in" thing now.... lovely as a clutch as well.
  9. gaaaah, I hadn't even thought of jewellry! (can you tell I don't do 'dress up' :upsidedown: ? ) I have something in the colour of jade but thaty would wash the whole thing out. I suppose. I'll have to look in the jewellery box when I get home. :flowers:
  10. i love the maryjanes, miss thing! i think you have your outfit. for jewelry, i think a nice pair of dangly earrings would be nice, maybe in antiqued silver with some rhinestones or beads that compliment the colours in the skirt. because of the silver loop in the top, i would avoid a necklace, so maybe just the long earrings and maybe a few bangles?
  11. I think it's a beautiful outfit. I like either pair of shoes and I love the clutch!

    Have fun at the party!