Party or dinner bag, which one?

  1. Hi, I plan to get a tiny bag meant for fine dinner or party.. here are my options. Multicolor Shirley (white), Vernis Lexington (Rasberry color) , Epi Leather Honfleur (Black). I do not have any LV tiny bag right for that purpose. Pls help. Any other suggestion is most welcome. Thanks..:drool:
  2. Well, I have a black MC shirley and a beige lexington. I use my MC more because it goes with just about anything. And you can dress it up or down. I can't remember the last time I used my Lexington. Hope that helps
  3. i like both the shirley and the lexington, i think the shirley is a more universal/matches all kind of a bag, if u go with a colored lexington u are limiting yourself a bit more.... let us know what you decide :smile:
  4. Love the Shirley or what about a more neutral Lexington like the Perle that will go with everything
  5. thank you very much for all the valuable advices...hehhe.... I'm getting more excited abt this forum...but on the other hand, I'm worried about getting too addicted and too obsessed with luxury handbags. You know, I have just quit my profession to be a full time homemaker, I just dont want my husband to complain about my impulsive buying of luxury bag... :s
  6. i have the white Shirley, and i love it. it goes with everything, and can be used as a clutch or shoulder bag. plus it does go with everything, and it's so pretty and feminine
  7. shirley or Perle Lexington/Roxbury sure can go w/anything and almost any color i'd say.
  8. I'd go with the Lexington..I love the Framboise color :love:
  9. I love MC White Shirley :smile:
  10. I think it depends on what you'll wear. Out of the choices though I'd say Shirley.
  11. i vote for lexington, the patent leather looks more formal.
  12. I'd say it depends on the kind of party / dinner.

    I have an Azur mini pochette and it looks adorable for something not very fancy, and also looks great with just jeans and a t-shirt... I know it doesn't compare to the models you are talking about, but if you have some money to spare here, it makes a nice addition IMHO :yes:
  13. Know exactly what you mean... my addiction is growing due to this forum :rolleyes: my boyfriend thinks i'm insane...

    I'd love to have the Vernis Lexington... think it's such a pretty dinner/party bag... colour? I'd go for a hazelnut or pearl, this will go with everything in my wardrobe...
  14. I vote for shirley - it holds more.
  15. Shirley!