Party Girl Wardrobe

  1. Where do you ladies shop for party dresses? I love to go clubbing (a lot!) and wearing a dress makes me feel so pretty and feminine. Very rarely will you see me go out in jeans!

    My favorite right now is Sky Brand dresses. They are sexy and not insanely expensive ($150-200ish).


    I also like Betsey Johnson and BCBG. Although Betsey Johnson can be too frilly and on the expensive side sometimes. I'd like to find more lesser known brands, like Sky.

    Suggestions please and pics/links appreciated! Thanks!
  2. When I was big in the club scene about 2 to 3 years ago I would find a lot of dresses and tops at Bebe and Arden B. When I do update my going out wardrobe I still usually go there, I just do it a lot less now.
  3. I also go out alot ....and my friends like to take LOTS of pictures while we're out....soooo, usually I don't like to repeat dresses. Now, this could definitely get expensive so I usually just buy my dresses at Forever 21. They're in the $15-$30 range. Also, you can look at I can't really justify spending more than $30 on a dress that I will wear to places with high probabilities of spills/pukes/etc.

    Those dresses are really cute though!
  4. I don´t use dresses for nights out (it´s not really common where I live) but I buy dresses from Zara, I also love Marc Jacobs.
  5. That site is super cute!! Thanks for suggesting. That's why I love tPF, I never would've found that on my own.

    I have quite a few dresses from Bebe, but I'm looking for stuff that is less common. Don't get wrong, I have some HOT bebe dresses, but I'm always nervous there will be another chick in the exact same thing. Especially if it's a big club, like in Vegas. In Toronto, it's not as big a worry b/c there's only one Bebe store.

    A great store for cute and cheap clubbing clothes is

    Any more suggestions?
  6. i don't really wear party dresses as often as i used to, but when i did, i got them from bebe. forever 21 has some great, cheap party dresses that i wouldn't mind getting beer spilled onto. juicy couture, alice + olivia, and mbmj has some pretty dresses available at i'm really liking the sequined numbers. i might have to get some for upcoming holiday parties!
  7. I'm a poor student but if I had $$ to spend on going out stuff I'd be all over t-bags and sky!

    I really like buying basic dresses from Nordies or where ever and then shortening them and adding accesories to make them unique.
  8. I get party dresses from H&M. I don't want to pay for anything expensive since if I go clubbing, I don't want to repeat outfits.
  9. oh yea... also try They have cute dresses that go on sale =)
  10. I love Forever 21 for clubbing/barhopping clothes. They're cheap and cute. The most you pay is $30 and if your dress gets ruined it's not a big deal.
  11. I usually get mine at cheap mall stores like Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe, 579, Agaci, etc. I don't like to repeat dresses when I go out, so I go the cheap route and forget about quality.
  12. marciano...guess...forever21...bebe...arden b!!!
  13. fcuk has cute party dresses too
  14. IMHO they are a little walker-ish. not very sophisticated.

  15. I used to wear normal day clothes, but now I wear mostly jeans, with high heels shoes and a cute top (from high street shops).
    I guess it depends of where you´re going to, what is the dresscode. I like indie clubs playing electro, so I´d be trendy and a bit edgy. If I go to somewhere "commercial" my clothes will be "mainstream", if it´s classy, I´ll be chic...As far as dresses go I never see women in dresses clubbing, I tried the mini skirt on saturday, got my arse I´ll stick to jeans.
    My best picks are from H&M, Zara, American Apparel, cheap monday, junk food tees...and a few scandinavian designers.