Party Boy In a Cage (GREAT article on Michael Alig in New York Magazine)

  1. Interesting
  2. Very Interesting. The movie "Party Monster" was about his "Club Kid" days, and how the murder took place (as he mentions the movie in the article). It was actually a pretty good movie.
  3. Excellent article, and a reminder to those of us who remember that there was an earlier edition of the club scene, in the late 70s-this is definitely one for the list of "100 Best Cautionary Tales!"
  5. Party Monster is Disco Bloodbath. The title and the cover design have just been changed.

    (It's easier to find a copy of Party Monster than it is to find an original copy of Disco Bloodbath. They're very rare.)

    I love his writing, I love his descriptions and I love the fact that he's telling the story of a gruesome murder and he STILL makes the reader laugh.

    This is James St. James talking about the drug Special K:

    It's an anesthetic used primarily for veterinary purposes - although there are unconfirmed stories of its use in the fields of Vietnam, when on-the-spot amputations were required. It blocks nerve paths without depressing respitratory and circulatory functions, and therefore acts as a a safe and reliable anesthetic.

    It's a dissociative drug, and I'll get to that later, but - PAY ATTENTION PLEASE - it selectively reduces excitation of central mammalian neurons by N-methyl aspartate.

    So basically, it ****s you up.
  6. ^^^^

    Thanks, didn't know that. I just looked on and Disco Bloodbath ranges from $175.00 - $249.00 so I will have to pick up Party Monster, which is way more reasonable ($6.99).
  7. Oh my gosh! This is so neat :smile: A couple years ago i was HUGE into the Club Kid lifestyle (and dressed the part as well, tehe) Oh, but no drugs.. Promise :heart:

    I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of him out and about again!

    "Don't flip your lid, i'm a club kid!" lmao