PartTime on Balenciaga Website

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I've been lurking around this board for quite sometime and this is my very first post! I am so glad that I found this forum!! I bought my first White Twiggy 3 months ago from BalNY and I am so obssessed with Bal bags now :P I am looking into getting my 2nd bag soon, yay!

    So I have a question for you ladies, what is the exact color of the blue PartTime bag on Bal's website?? Is it the cornflower or blue india? It's sooooo gorgeous! I know I read somewhere that part-time isn't available yet in BalNY, do they take pre-order?


  2. it's blue india! pre-order it if you want one!!
  3. I heard that BalNY isn't going to carry the part-time in Blue-India...
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