Partners Card 2006

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  1. Hello Ladies

    I have purchased this Partners Card at the Dallas Galleria, although I have learned about this card at the Houston Galleria. This card cost $60.00, but is for charity for the women's shelter. This card provides 20% off at participating retail stores. IE: Charles David, Gucci, Club Monaco, BR, Ann Taylor & Ann Taylor Loft, and etc.

    Check out this website for further details. As far as I know this card is available in Texas, I bought my card at the Gucci store.

    Partners Card
  2. nice! i shall stop by one of the stores to buy this. They should still have the cards for sale right (or is it just in texas)? It's definitely worth it given that is a good cause and the choice of retailers is fantastic!
  3. Wow! You can use that at Gucci? That's a great deal!
  4. I always see these here in Dallas, I am assuming it's a local thing{?}like there are only certain retailers that participate.
  5. Wow that's a great promotion!
  6. Yeah I already have two items at the Gucci store on Pre-sale order. Which means they are going to charge the items as a gift card sale in order to hold your items. You would have to go to the store to pick up the items once the promotion start.
    I got the Guccisima white leather wallet for $342 (including my $60 Partners card) and I am also adding the Abbey Medium Hobo as well...
    I have also learned that promotional sales are final.. meaning you can't return the item purchase per the promotional sale.
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