Parting is such sweet sorrow.

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  1. I am selling my Neverfull MM. I feel like the straps were never quite the right length, but mostly, I couldn't take the open top. With 3 kids, one of whom is a toddler, I just couldn't prevent everything from tipping out whenever I bent over to pick him I am relucantly letting it go. I barely used it - only a handful of times, but my money is going into the Montorgueil GM fund. I haven't actually tried it on yet, but I'm hoping I'll like it!
  2. I think the straps are the same length on the Neverfull MM and the Montorgueil GM. Someone correct if I am wrong.

    But good luck in your quest to find a great new bag.
  3. Ah, thanks for the tip! I think the key difference though, is that the Monty's straps flop down because they are on metal rings, whereas the Neverfulls seem to stay up, so I can't easily get into the bag when it's on my shoulder....but like I said, I haven't tried it on yet!
  4. if it doesnt fit . then it has ot go...:crybaby:i am sure u will find the one u wan :yes:
  5. i wouldnt know aboiut the length but im glad youre making this decision sooner than later because you will be able to get a big portion of your money back since its still in demand!
  6. the monty sounds a lot better for your needs!
  7. Great choice! The Monty GM is pretty big and yes, the straps do flop down and is east to get in, and it has a zipper! :tup:
  8. Montorgueil ZIPS! I hope you consider getting it! I definitely am considering one!
  9. good choice. Good luck selling your neverfull
  10. The Monty would be a great choice especially with the kids, and it has a zipper, which makes it a plus!:tup:
  11. I think you are making the right pics when you get your new bag!
  12. Let us know how it works for you. I love using the neverfull as a diaper bag so will be curious to see how it works out. What I love about the neverfull is that I can put a ton of stuff in it and really wouldn't want to zip it. But, the GM Montorgueil will hold a ton, too.
  13. :yes: i agree. i don't like to fiddle with zippers if i discover he has spit up or drooled, i like to be able to just get in the bag asap. i have the gm and i find that it rarely ever gets full so i dont have problems with fall outs. the monty is adorable though!!! and i can see how it would be useful with kids, i am just at that teething and accidents stage.
  14. I will get the Monty. I love that bag. I love the zipper too, seems like easy to get things from the bag. It is a great choice.
  15. I want to buy the Neverfull GM... I hope I like it!
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