Parting is such sweet sorrow :( (Grace wedge slingbacks)

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  1. I just bought a pair of those super cute Grace watercolor stripe slingbacks at the Nordstrom Rack special event they had today, but the right heel is slipping and I almost killed myself twice now while trying them out at home. :crybaby: And trust me, I'm used to walking around in heels, but these are not sitting right at all, and I couldn't go down a size because they pinched bad at the store in a smaller size. I am so disappointed, I have the worst luck w/ shoes, my feet are long and narrow and just plain odd :s These darn shoes were only like $69 bucks too, super cheap, ugh, this is such a disappointment. :hrmm: Sorry, just had to vent a moment!
  2. Aww, i'm sorry to hear that.. Hopefully some *better* super cute shoes come your way!!! *fingers crossed*

  3. Aww what a bummer! I have the same bad luck with shoes! I have really narrow feet and my heel is really small and boney so it always gets shredded with a new pair of shoes!
  4. Aw, I'm sorry it didn't work out! I hope Nordstrom Rack takes them back! I thought they didn't do returns on designer items?
  5. Major bummer - I find that Coach shoes run wide in the heels - I have big feet (10's), but narrow heels and I walk out of all the Coach flats. I can only buy the sandals with no backs or just a strap on the back that's adjustable - no pumps/flats/slingbacks.
  6. Sounds like you and I have the exact same feet then, that is exactly what I think is going on. I think I'll just wait and see if I can find a slip on clog come fall maybe *fingers crossed* I think its the only thing I'll be able to pull off w/ my feet!

    Yup, I was home showing them off to DH and then realized they were not staying on, so I phoned them immediately and said that wouldn't be a problem to return. I was thinking the same thing, but they are listed as being 'salon shoe' so maybe that was the way 'designer' didn't apply? Not totally sure, but thankful, I would feel so rediculous if I couldn't wear these AND was stuck with them :sad:

    Thanks everyone, I feel a little better now especially knowing I'm not the only one but ugh..still a disappointment. Good to know now though too, I was eyeballing the Gwynnie in the blue optic and was going to splurge on that as well in a couple weeks, so perhaps it was meant to be that I stumbled (hah! stumbled!) across these at the Rack today to figure it out....