Partial Refunds Increasing?

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  1. Is it just me or have you noticed that the number of request for partial refunds have increased?

    I am more of a buyer than a seller, but it shocked me to even hear that partial refunds was even an option. I have never looked over the items that I've bought with a fine tooth and comb nor have I been overly critical of the flaws.

    It wasn't until recently when I sold something where the buyer haggled me for a SUBSTANTIAL partial refund. Just to get her off my back, I offered a small refund and stood my ground with that. Either take the small refund or return my item for a full refund. She did neither.

    My question is.... Do buyers nowadays know that sellers are more likely to give a small refund just to get the buyer off the sellers back? And if so, are sellers just falling into that trap by agreeing to the buyers' demands?
  2. Yes. I sell a lot and I would say it happens about 30% of the time. Which is often considering I feel like people are just negotiating with me, and not really find anything wrong. I will grant it if I feel like I was at fault, but otherwise I just ask them to return. I just decide I can resell it again to someone who will pay the asking price.

    What really gets me is when people win and then tell me they don't have the money. They want me to decrease the price or they won't pay. I don't give in to this either, but it has happened.
  3. IMHO a lot of winners now no longer consider their winning bid "the price" -- many feel that once they've won and taken possession of the item, they can renegotiate the price. I can think of VERY few times I would offer a partial refund, as a seller.

    I recently won something and it had a glaring flaw in it. When contacted with "how would you like to proceed?" the seller immediately offered me a huge refund. If a less-than-scrupulous buyer gets that kind of treatment a few times, they will soon learn how to renegotiate the price of every item they buy on ebay.
  4. I noticed this increasing partial refunds from buyers and I really don't get it. Most sellers on Ebay selling things below market price already and still be paying for fees. A lot of buyers are so picky. Honestly, they shouldn't be buying on Ebay if they really expect a super brand new one with a super less price tag. You can't even ask boutiques to give a partial refund.

  5. Yes and I think your experience shows the other side of partial refunds, too - I truly believe that some sellers, intentionally, conceal serious flaws, with the idea that if the buyer doesn't complain, then all to the good, but if they do, just partially refund them.

    That way, they know their items will sell far more readily than they ever would if they were honest and concientious in the descriptions and that they will go for far more.

    So, even taking into account the partial refunds they know they will, inevitably, have to give to more savvy buyers, they are still far better off over all. :shrugs:
  6. ooh I didn't even consider that POV. Good points chloe!

  7. Some online stores do them - the outnet and NAP, for example.

    You have to provide pics of the flaws/damage, though, of course.

    If there is no physical inspection venue other than the buyer's home, as there generally isn't online, the buyer doesn't really know what they are going to get; so partial refunds make a lot more sense than they do for instore purchases (especially in the case of sold-out and/or non-exchangeable items).

  8. Thanks, crazee! :flowers:
  9. As a buyer if something is slightly wrong with the item and I'm unhappy but don't mind keeping it, I usually ask for a partial refund. I don't have the time to go to the post office and return the item, and i hate worrying about the package getting lost. Plus most things I buy aren't that expensive. Sellers are usually more than happy to give me a PR once I send in pictures.
  10. I have had buyers try to ask for a partial refund. I will not do it. I tell them if they are not satisfied they can return the item for a full refund. Not once has someone returned the item. They always keep it and I never hear from them again. I think it is a way of negotiating after the fact.
  11. Yes, sellers are taking the cheating road to listing and photgraphing while at the same time buyers are reading up on all the scams available.

    Just this week I got a bag with significant color transfer which the seller called "bruising". WTF?
  12. ^ Bruising?! :lol:

  13. Yes, the extortionists are alive and well on Ebay.:P They know that many sellers are more concerned than ever with getting bad feedback and so it's easier to attempt getting some of their money back.

    For instance, I know many sellers who now refuse to sell internationally because some of their buyers have fabricated damage to the tune of the exact amount they had to pay in customs fees. How convenient.

  14. Bruising... that's a new one???:nuts::nuts:
  15. :amazed: Are you serious??!!