Partial refund? Or forget about it?

  1. I just received a pair of shoes I got off eBay, and I am SO sad that one shoe seems defective. The seller had several pairs of the same model listed, and I believe the pictures were all the same now that I think about it. I am so bummed.
    I paid over 400 dollars for these and that may be why it is hard for me to reconcile with the condition.

    I am posting this here to see if I am being too petty or not, or whether I have a case.

    These are a pair of platform peeptoe shoes, where the platform part is visible on the front. The leather wrapping the platform on one shoe is horizontally wrinkled (as if it was pushed down), while the other shoe has smooth platform. I even think it may have been better if both were wrinkled, because at least they would look uniform.

    To give you an idea of what kind of "platform" I'm talking about, I'll post this link as a reference (by the way these are NOT the ones I got).

    And the leather part of the heel on the other side is a bit frayed (but not a huge issue).

    I'll try to post pics but I can't find my camera right now.

    Do you think I should just forget about it? Am I being too petty by asking for a partial refund? It does bother me. I don't know if she accepts return or what. I don't want to do that though. Too much hassle.
  2. With a shoe that expensive, I definitely think you should bring it up with the seller. Were they listed as new? If there's a defect like that, they should have disclosed it and posted pictures.
  3. Yes, they were New In Box... I know another tPfer got the exact same shoe (different size though) and hers were perfectly fine, so I don't think the seller was trying to deceive me or anything. May not have realized it when she packed it. I just sent her a message. I'll see what happens.
  4. Maybe you get lucky and she have a new pair in your size! I don't think is very nice to pay $400 for a pair of shoes that you don't fall in love with. For me they HAVE to be perfect. Good Luck.
  5. Okay, I took some pictures. I think that in the picture, the wrinkle looks smoother than IRL. But in any case, here they are for your ref.
    Thanks guys for taking a look at them.
    reference1.jpg reference2.jpg reference3.jpg
  6. What about requesting for an exchange?
  7. I don't like how they look. $400 is a lot for imperfect shoes... :noggin:
  8. I'm pretty sure this is the last one.
  9. Wow, well i am not picky at all and I wouldn't be ok with that. It's very obvious. Quick example so you don't feel petty! I recently bought a defective LAMB wallet, the printed canvas was sewn upside down so basically the wallet was backwards, and my HUSBAND got frustrated and returned it LOL!!!:lol: I was bugged by it but "eh" :noworry:. These shoes of yours though, would bug me so i don't think you're being petty :smile:
  10. Thank you everyone for your input. :flowers:

    I think I will ask her to either let me return them for the full amount or a partial refund. In her listing, it says there is no return but she also says that the shoes are in "perfect" condition...

    She hasn't replied to me but it's only been about 4 hours or so, so that's ok.

    While I did not pay retail for these shoes, I would not want defective shoes for the amount of money I bought them either. I really love this style and hoped everything would work out. :crybaby:
  11. I hope that it all works out for you, it sounds like you really love these shoes, but I would not at all be happy with paying that kind of money for shoes that were not in perfect condition as stated...that is a lot of money (as I am sure that you already know, lol). Hopefully the seller will be reasonable and see her error. Good luck!
  12. ^^Thanks LV Rawks!
    I really do like the shoes a lot...I don't know if it is at all possible/ expensive to fix this kind of defect. If it is possible to fix it, I would...

  13. Definitely SNAD. :yes:

    You would have no problem, at all, in getting a refund from Paypal if you filed a dispute/claim, IMO; which is what you should do if she doesn't respond/refuses.

    I'd want at least 20% of the retail price knocked off for the wrinking (which is severe, IMO) and another 10% for the damage to the heel. :yes:
  14. that is so should send her the picture too so she can see it better. I hope everything works out!
  15. I am sure she will give you a full refund! It seems like she is a fair seller who isn't trying to rip people off with defective shoes. However if I was in your position and i absoloutely loved the shoes and they were hard to find.. I would ask fo ra partial refund. GoodlucK!!