Partenaire PM Agenda Cover

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  1. Hi everyone

    Help i need opinions !!
    Anyone owns this? The new refill system looks like i can't get the refill anywhere else but LV.

    Would you gals get the traditional ones which we can use the filofax refills or this? I really love the agenda cover closure . But the refill system is holding me back. :shrugs:

    Thank you everyone :love:

  2. I don't have that particular one but I say go for it. I always buy the LV inserts for my Small Mono Agenda. They really aren't that pricey since you only buy them once a year. Plus, they are SO cute.
  3. I love the closure on this one as well, but you are correct that you will need LV refills only. However, I have the small Koala agenda with pink interior and I always buy the LV refills because I like them so much better than Filofax ones anyway - I love the gold edging on the pages, the cream-colored paper, and the miscellaneous inserts. The only thing to be aware of is that you won't be able to add extra note pages, or expense sheets, or things like that and customize your agenda the way you can with the traditional small agenda where you can open the rings and add things. That said, the Partenaire is very pretty!

    The other thing to think about too, and I don't know how much you write per day, but you can't do the day on a page refill like you can with the other. The only option with refills for this agenda is the week on two pages, so that's something to think about if you write a lot. I was actually looking at this one last week because I love the closure and decided against it because I really need the day on a page.
  4. Thanks LisaG719 and charleston-mom. :flowers:

    Charleston-mom, do you by any chance know if they have it in 1 month in two pages like this ? Thank you :flowers:

  5. I'm not sure - it probably has that at the beginning of the insert. I think most of them do, and then it breaks down to a week on two pages for the rest of the year. I imagine you could call your boutique and ask. I'm guessing the refill starts with the month sheets and then breaks down.
  6. Just wondering if anyone has found refills (other than the LV ones) that fit the Partenaire agenda? Thanks!