Part-Time's on ebay??

  1. Hey all,

    I'm REALLY on the hunt for a Part-time as my next B-Bag and, while I plan to hunt down either a Natural or Blanc Giant Part-Time, I am also looking for a great condition pre-loved bag....My question is...are there ever any Authentic pre-loved Part-Times on eBay? I truely can't remember ever seeing one...what gives? Just curious I guess, but it's getting really frustrating!! :s

    Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!!
  2. Nope, I just did a search. There are a couple of REALLY over-priced ones from an eBay store... purty colors though :drool:
  3. Yeah girlycharlie, I saw those--they are the only ones I've seen in a looooonnng time...frustrating! :confused1:
  4. We need to start a Part Time fan club and inform eachother of new listings:yes:

    Just so we don't fight over the same bag... I'm looking for any color, just not black, white or truffle :p
  5. Great idea! :yes:

    Pretty much the same here...I want an 07 Giant in Natural or Blanc but for the older colors...I'm really looking for anything EXCEPT the lighter ones...

  6. Did anyone call and get one from Capitol Clothing??(Powderpuff posted a thread?) She said they had camel for $777!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I sure did. They sold out of every Bbag on sale :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  8. Part Time bags started in Fall 06 so you won't see a lot on eBay yet, too new. If you really want to go the eBay route just wait until people start selling theirs. I thought about selling mine for second today...then decide no way!

    <--- my first Bbag, I just can't sell her!
  9. Yea, I figured that had a lot to do with it...either way, I suppose it's good...less fakes, less drama out there for this bag (at least for a while!)
  10. I got my grenat part time on ebay I think in November for $'s really a pretty bag...:heart: was that too much for it?? Those overpriced ones on ebay were all bought I think from Diabro as all the pictures are identical to theirs...
  11. Part Time update: Same estore just listed a marron...
  12. I :heart: ET! Such a nice seller :yes: