Part-Time vs Work

  1. I'm just wondering who will be getting -- or at least thinking about getting -- the Part-Time? I'm very tempted.

    I have a Work, which I love, so am a bit confused as whether to get another one, or to go with the Part-Time instead for something different.

    What are your opinions of the Part-Time (without having seen a real one yet!)? :shrugs:
  2. :smile: I've only seen a couple pictures of the part time, but I really like how it looks! I would say go for it
  3. jasp, i'm really considering the part-time. the thought of it being larger than the city with a shoulder strap is very appealing to me. i'm just not sure which color? i'm hoping that they continue this style into 07 in a bright fabulous color!
  4. How does the part-time look like?
  5. esile, I agree, it would be great in a bright colour! I can't make up my mind which of the current season colours I want. At first it was Bleu India (as you probably know), but then I thought it was too close a shade to my S/S 05 Teal. So now I'm thinking CAMEL...but then I haven't seen camel....This is too stressful. Maybe I'll have to wait for Spring (as if).

    TammyD, here's the Part-Time photo from the Balenciaga site:
  6. Wow!!! Lovely size. Thanks!!
  7. woow~~i really want a rouge rif part-time now!!!!!!!
  8. jasp, blue india is close to teal. camel could be interesting. i know, it's so hard to decide, but that's the fun part!

    bb, i don't think it will come in rouge vif, but don't quote me on it.
  9. I definately am getting a part time. I would get a work but I need a shoulder strap! So happy they're making a bigger bag with one.
  10. am thinking of getting one too
  11. Is BalNY (or any of the retailers) getting the Part Time in Blue India? I seem to remember that Aloha Rag is *not* getting it in that color, right? The Part Time sounds intriguing to me, but I really want to see someone wearing one to get a better idea of its dimensions.
  12. I am all over that part time!!! When do they come out?
  13. Hmmm...does anyone know the dimensions?
  14. 10"h x 16.5"w x 6.25"d courtesy of LP's site :smile:
  15. Thanks. :flowers: So it's somewhere between a City and a Work. That's not big enough for me.
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