Part Time vs Work

  1. I have a question, I have read in various threads that the Giant handles are longer than the RH handles, is this difference significant? Also main question is, Are the handles on the Giant Work longer than on the Giant Part Time? TIA:tup:
  2. Yes, the difference is significant between the GH Work and RH Work, but I'm not sure that the Giant Work handles are longer than the Giant PT. I think they may be the same or a tad shorter, even.
  3. I would love to see some responses to this thread. I am wondering whether I should switch my order from part time to work. I love the work and have no part times but I saw an earlier thread that the shoulder strap is too long on the PT unless you wear it as messenger. I have a PT with silver GH on order. What do you all think? Variety or go with what works?
    Can you use a part time for travel and evening easier than a work- i think work is too large for evening. I don't travel with more then one good bag.