Part Time Serials .. new bag angst

  1. I'm so excited I got my first Bbag today. I bought a Blueberry Parttime from AR. Of course, due to my nature I'm absolutely paranoid about authenticity.

    I looked at the guide on Bbags from At, but they don't have the serial numbers for the PT. It's got funky serial numbers on the inside leather tag and the tag that came with it does not say part time.

    But as far as the bag, its so beautiful so smooshy, thick soft , and smooth like butter.
  2. Can't wait to see pics! Congrats on your new purchase!
  3. Well it is a new that's why At doesn't have the serial numbers posted yet. As for AR everyone here vouches for them, so I really wouldn't be worried. Can't wait to see pictures. I have a blueberry city that I love!
  4. Oh I feel better, a fellow PF'er with a Part Time was able to help me verify the serial number.

    I'll post pictures later tonight, its so beautiful.
  5. Don`t worry AR sells nice bag the only problem is for us in holland that U have to pay tax.
    Have a lovely Balenciaganight FX van Leeuwen
  6. Post Post Post your pictures :drool: :drool: :drool: Pleeeeaaaasssseee. I would love to see another part-time. What color is it??? I am soooo jealous
  7. Pics please :flowers:
  8. I just got back from Greta Luxe and I saw the part time! I saw it in blueberry and it was gorgeous! The leather was awsome too! I LOVE the strap length so much on the part time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!