Part-Time or Work bag

  1. I just bought this bag and i cant tell if it is a work or part-time bag....I know its an S/S 05 but the person didnt say if it was a work or part-time:hrmm:
    0a13_1.jpg 0ac1_1.jpg 0bb6_1.jpg 0d54_1.jpg
  2. Beautiful sky blue Work!
    The Part time have a long strap. HTH!

  3. Congrats on your Work!
  4. That's a Work! Congrats on your new bag, it's gorgeous :tup::tup:
  5. That's the Work.

    The PT didn't come out until 06. Congrats!!
  6. i like the color. congrats!!!
  7. Congrats on your new Sky Blue Work! It's beautiful! My favourite style always! Good Choice!:tup::tup:
  8. Lovely work! Congrats!
  9. thats a work! One of my most fav size! congrats! gorgeous she is!
  10. I got it off of eBay...and it was listed as a "buy it now" for $785.00...sometimes i think its too good to be true....well we'll see when it arrives
  11. love the color, congrats! questions does this style come with shoulder strap?
  12. I dont think it does....