Part time or City?

  1. Hi Ladies,
    I would like to purchase one of these two bags with GGH , but i cannot decide which one. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated TIA.
  2. i dont have either one but ive seen them both irl, i prefer the city because i just like the look better than the pt.....=)
  3. PT is gorgeous in GH. PT!
  4. If your going to get a GH I say PT all the way!!!
  5. Pt!!!!!!!!
  6. if you're going for GGH then I vote for PT... the GGH is more proportionate on the PT... whereas the GGH on the city IMO is too cluttered and "busy" looking... HTHs! good luck!
  7. Totally agree:tup:!
  8. I prefer City with RH...
    For GH I would go for Part Time or Work
  9. Part time!
  10. I also think that the GH looks better proportioned to the PT, but I love the City in general.
  11. thanks for the feedback !
  12. Part time gets my vote!
  13. Ditto! I've seen both GH City and Part Time at NM and I have to say Part Time looks so much better with the giant hardware! In fact I'd :heart: to get the Violet SGF Part Time!
  14. PT!!!!! I love this one
  15. I just got a PT with GGH and I am in love! :love:
    It's a perfect size, plus it's so easy to find all of my things inside because it's a little shallower than the city.