Part time or City? what's the difference?

  1. I like the city, but sometimes it smooshes down on the top a bit - wondering since the part time is shorter if it wouldn't do that? Also, is the shoulder strap on the part time the same length? I've never seen one IRL - does anyone have any pics of it on the shoulder? Also, is the shortness the only difference between it and the city? TIA
  2. I believe the part time is longer and the strap is also longer
  3. yeah, I've looked at atelier.naff but was hoping for some pictures on people. thanks
  4. Part Time is wider in length and deeper at the base. If you're concerned about the city caving in too much in the middle when carried by the strap, then the PT does so even more.

    Here are comparison pics, PT is first (sorry about the gigantic second picture):


  6. deco... :heart: ur boot :p