PART TIME OR BRIEF!?! Please help me decide!

  1. hey ladies,

    I went to NM last night to purchase my Chanel GST (before the price increase tomorrow) but aside from buying my GST, i FELL IN LOVE WITH THE NEW BALENCIAGA bags! I REALLY love how the gold hardware looks on the Blanc color b stunning!

    at the NM i went to, they had the BLANC with gold hardware in three, part time and brief...i already have a work so i am deciding between the PART TIME OR THE BRIEF...can anyone help me decide?!? im totally stuck!! I love both but I cant afford both! lol.....

    i attached pics of both bags..i got the pics from atelier.naff's website.

    the part time pictured is natural, not white.
    the brief pictured is blanc, or white.

    thanks so much!!
    naturel.jpg thebrief.jpg
  2. I prefer the Brief with GH!!! I have it in Natural...
    The Brief is a lovely style but i like it only with GH... the part time is beautiful also with regural hardware..

  3. I totally agree!!
  4. my SA was telling me how much she looovvees the brief too!! i feel like i was leaning twd the part time more just bc it reminded me of the classic b bag style..but then again, i couldnt let go off the brief! i was walking around NM carrying both like a bag lady, but at least a b bag lady! haha...

    my first b bag was a work and i always kinda wanted a part time....but then again, the brief is growing on me...ugghh!! i dont know what to do!! decisions decisons....i appreciate the feed back..keep them coming ladies!

    thanks so much!
  5. Part Time for me. I am getting the Natural Part timer w/GH.:yahoo:
  6. :yahoo: I actually have the part time and I'm in love with it. I got the Brief w/ classic hardware about a month ago and I didn't like it at all when I got home. The brief looks great with the giant hardware though.

    Personally, I like the Part time with the classic hardware and I like the Brief with the giant hardware.:idea:

    The Part time with giant hardware in Bleu de France is just too damn delicious! But it's one bright bag.:graucho:

    Good luck!:nuts: Post some pics once you've made your decision.
  7. Get the one you were leaning towards. That's the one you'll end up being happier with. I love how the handles are slightly longer on the GH parttime.
  8. I love the Brief, but I guess some were worried about the size of the opening. If this would bother you, go for the PT. Both are wonderful!
  9. thanks everyone! im really still indecisive bc i love them both! too bad i dont have unlimited*sigh*..

    alisonanna- i know exactly what you are talking about, regarding the is a bit small...i was hoping to be able to fit my portfolio (8.5 x11) into the bag..and it turns out i can fit it into the part time (but cant zip_ but not hte brief....but i still love both and i dont mind carrying the portfolio as long as i get a hot can make sacrifices! hahahaha...

    boy....decisions decisons.....

    im just trying to picture in my head like which style will match my summer wardrobe better...i wear alot of dresses in the summer..which style do u think will look better?

    thanks everyone!!!
  10. I have to say brief with GH. Brief in blanc is so hot.
  11. I love the brief style.
  12. :heart: I love the Part-time! :love:
  13. I would do the Brief in Natural. I think the brief is better with summer dresses.
  14. Well, I'm partial to the Natural GH Part-time...:yes:

    ...because I have one and I absolutely ADORE it!! People are constantly drooling over it every time I take it out!!
  15. seems like the brief is winning the votes for now....haha..i have about 4 days to most likely going in to NM to pick up my chanel in 4 days, so I will pick up a b bag as well...i hate it when i cant make up my mind..haha...all i think about now is: part time or brief? lol....

    thanks gals!