Part Time in Vert Fonce or Pine?

  1. I think the Part Time might be just the style for me, since it seems like the closest to a Work with a shoulder strap, (which is my fantasy,) but I haven't been able to determine which colors it comes in. I couldn't find a list of PT colors on the reference subforum.
    Does anyone know the PT colors- I read that they aren't made in every color, and I'm unsure which year it came out.
    Thanks for your help! :heart:
  2. for history, you could check the reference library forum. i would think your choice is limited to availability of the current stock shops or e-tailers have. right? to me, there's no point in spending time finding out all the colours the PT comes in. it seems you'd like a green-toned one? where do you intend to buy it from?
  3. I'm pretty sure I saw one in Pine at Bal NY last Sunday - it was gorgeous - call Bal NY and ask for Kim.