Part-Time Handles Question

  1. Hello -

    I am trying to decide between a GH marine brief and a GH marine part-time... I really want a bag that goes over my shoulder, but I love the look of the city/part-time... what does everyone suggest? More importantly, do the handles of the part-time fit over the shoulder?

    Thanks for the help/advice!
  2. PT - yes the straps fit on shoulder.
  3. ^ :yahoo:

    I can't fit the city straps comfortably over mine.... I feel like it is stuffed on there. I think the PT straps are definately a bit longer then the city straps........... I will find out soon. ;)
  4. yes i think the straps are longer for a more comfy over-shoulder fit.
  5. The PT straps are very comfortable when worn on the shoulder. Much longer than the city and even a little longer than the work handles.