Part Time: Handle or Strap Carry?


How do you carry your Part Time MOST of the time?

  1. Shoulder Strap - regular

  2. Shoulder Strap - messenger

  3. Handles - in your hand

  4. Handles - on your shoulder

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. If you have a Part Time, how do you carry it most of the time - by the handles or shoulder strap? Most of the photos show people carrying it by the handles (whether in the hand or on the shoulder), so I just wondered if that truly reflects how you use it?
  2. Good question!! :smile:

    I was thinking the same thing, as I am looking at getting a PT soon...
  3. I normally always carry my bags by hand if not on the shoulder with the handles. I never use my shoulder straps.
  4. The PT looks a little awkward carried by the strap because of the wide body. Conversely, the handles are roomier than city/work handles and are super comfy to wear over the shoulder. I voted handles, definitely.:yes:
  5. I agree on the look not being as good w/the strap...but I wondered if, in practice, people really carry the PT by the handles more. I voted strap...even though I don't like the look as much - comfort is paramount for me. ;)
  6. I usually use the strap, I don't think it looks that weird honestly. Everyone else seems to though. Mine has gotten really soft and slouchy so yes it kinda bends in the middle if not full, but I don't really care. It's comfortable. I carry it other ways too depending on the situation. Messenger is good if you want your hands free and don't want it slipping off your shoulder if you're moving around.
  7. I normally carry mine by the handles by hand or shoulder equally. The strap in my opinion is best used when wearing the bag messenger style (cross-body)
  8. i use the strap as my hands are always full...when about w/my boys!
  9. can you sling this bag across? i have to admit im not as small as some of you ;) also price? thanks
  10. I have tried on a part time and I know the strap is longer than on the city, but not much. I don't think I could possibly do it crossbody and don't really think a tiny girl could either. But, some of the girls have them and would know for sure.
  11. I'm tiny, 5'2" 105 lbs. I can wear it across but the bag will be at the same level of the City when you shoulder it.
  12. Because theres ample clearance from the handles.. I wear mine over the shoulders with the handles.. and I've detached the longer shoulder strap. ;)
  13. Handles, always :yes:!!! Either on the shoulder, or in the crook of my arm.