part time details?

  1. I've seen many pictures of them, but rarely of them worn or of details. Does anyone have pics? And do they have feet on the bottom?

  2. ^^ yeppers, they've got 4 feet!!! :wlae:

    p.s. i've got a new cinnamon on the way :heart:
  3. I looked at some bags in BalNY a few weeks ago but have since forgotten everything :sad:
  4. Here's my Part Time...I love this bag, and it can hold a lot too. I love how it an east/west bag (longer and shorter)......

  5. Such a rich colour!

    Do you have any pics wearing it?
  6. Sorry, I don't. But it goes on the shoulder easily.
  7. Here's my Natural GH Part-time.

    Love it!! I mostly wear it over my shoulder with the handles as when I use the shoulder strap it tends to sag a bit--I think the GH bags tend to do this more than the RH Part-times simply given the added weight...
    NatPT2.jpg NatGHPart-time.JPG