Part Time anthracite??

  1. is there going to be such a combination? with Giant hardware??? I just saw Stila's pic of her new black one and it looks amazing! Are the handles on the PT a little longer where it will fit on most people's shoulder or is it the same length as the city???

    Now I'm wondering about aqua or anthracite in this combo....
  2. I don't have a part time, but plan on eventually getting one. Anyway, I was told the Part times handles were more roomy than the work's, so it is definitely roomy enough for most people to wear it on their shoulders.
  3. LOL... funny you should ask... I was going to call BalNY today and ask Terry about getting pics of an Anthracite Part-Time and a Periwinkle Twiggy, when they come in (regular hardware though)... I was hoping in the back of my mind that there wasn't some sort of exception on what was available in different colors, since I'm soooo new at this!!
  4. Down to get pictures when they arrive! I will let ya know!! ;)
  5. i have a PT and the handles are definitely roomier than a city or work's.
  6. oooh! the part-time has handles that may fit over the shoulder?! i've been sticking to the day and otherwise resigning myself to holding everything in my hand.

    we need a reference thread with handle measurements so handle-over-the-shoulder addicts like me know which styles to buy :smile:
  7. Well, I certainly can't carry a PT (regular hardware) over the shoulder w/a coat on. Maybe the new PT w/Giant hardware has longer handles.
  8. I think PT handles are a little roomier, I don't know about wearing it over a coat, but I couldn't put City over my shoulder at all and I have skinny arms. Maybe my shoulder drop is longer than most but city handles didn't fit over my shoulder while PT handles do.
  9. I just bought a natural part time yesterday at Nordy's and the handles fit soooooooooooooo comfortably over my shoulder..PLUS the strap is long and I can wear it messanger style..LOVE IT, not I don't like the city at all and am waitlisted for the RH on the anthracite and cobalt part time..can't wait!!
  10. ^ sagranch - Did you get the GH or RH in the natural? I called BalNY for them to let me know when Anthracite & Periwinkle come in PT too! ;) Can't wait to see what they look like.

    I am thinking I might like the part time style a bit more then the city too... I'll have to wait until i get my first one.
  11. I saw the Periwinkle/Bleu Glacier in the part time at Neiman Marcus! Such a gorgeous color!!!!
  12. I got the RH in the natural and will get the RH in the other colors too..I do think the GH is stunning on the part time, just a bit too dressy for me though. I hope you get one, the part time is TDF!!