Part-Time and Matelasse Colors Available at Many Neimans

  1. This is my research complied from PF posts and phoning the various NM.

    Tyson Gallerie 703 761 4600

    Large Matellase - French Blue, White, Black
    Med Matelasse - ??
    PT reg - Grass, black, Camel, Blue India (special order), Expresso
    PT gh - Blue Glacier, White, Cafe, Marine (?)

    San Diego 619-692-9100

    L Matellase - Marron
    M Matt - French Blue, Marron
    PT reg - Green, Brown, Black
    PT gh - Dark Brown, French Blue, Truffle


    PT reg - Black, French Blue, Brown, White
    M Matt - French Blue, White, Black

    Denver 303-329-2600

    PT reg - Green, Black, Brown, Cafe
    PT gh - White, Red, Black
    M Matt - Brown, French Blue

    San Francisco 415-362-3900

    PT reg - Brown
    PT gh - Blue Glacier, Black, Brown, White, French Blue, Green
    M Matt - Black, White, Brown

    The browns have non-bal names - these are the descriptions that SAs give you over the phone. This was accurate as of yesterday as far as I know.

    I think I'll call around today and get some more info. Happy Shopping

  2. Thanks Kathleen for the info. :heart:
    Tyson's # is 703-761-1600. :p