Part time and Afternoon...are they available in the US yet? and other ?s

  1. Hey there B-bag gals! I've decided officially to start saving my spare cash for a B-bag. I think it'll take a couple of months. I had heard there were new styles for F/W 06 so I looked at atalier-neff and saw the Afternoon and Part Time.

    I had last thought I wanted a Shopping. Are the 'new' styles supposed to replace the Purse and Shopping? It seems odd to carry all of these very similar styles. Also, is the Afternoon, which I think I'm most interested in, available in the US? It's listed only with a price in euros on her site.

    Sorry if this question has been asked and answered. I searched the forum and couldn't find it.

    So, if you were chosing between the Shopping and the Afternoon, how would you decide? They seem so similar? And, given that it will likely be November before I buy this bag, will the Shopping be 'gone' by then?

    Thanks in advance!! :jammin:
  2. Ugh! Now I think I want the Part Time because it appears (from the pics) that the PT is shoulder-carry while the Afternoon is only hand carry? So hard to tell.

    Is the PT the new City and the Afternoon the new Work? That's intriguing. The PT is 6+" deep - that's so nice. :heart:
  3. I am also curious about the part-time and what colors it is coming in!
  4. No the city and the work will still be available. The parttime is sized between the city and the work - hence the name parttime. The afternoon is just a new option. They are not available yet. Usually euro prices are listed as they are the only ones available from the resources pulled. I imagine the parttime will be about $1200 as the work price was raised to 1385 recently.
  5. The parttime will arrive in the colors ordered by each vendor. I know that Sarah (my BalNY SA) that they didn't order the blue india in the parttime but did the caramel and the olive green.
  6. ^^^ Is that weird that BalNY only ordered some colors? I would think they would have all the colors since it is the Balenciaga store?!
  7. Okay...I'm obsessing a bit now...just went for a walk/run and thought and thought about b-bags. I'm 90% sure I want the Part Time in carmel/caramel. Are you guys thinking it's shoulder carry (there's no strap, just longer handles than the City/Work, like the Purse)?

    I wonder what Shirise will order. They're about 5 minutes away. There's a NM here too, but they don't reliably carry B-bags.
  8. Oh you are in my neck of the woods (ie. Chicago area)! The BALNY store may order based on what others are ordering as well - I really have no idea how they decide what they will order. I think I read that the parttime will have a shoulder strap. Summer my SA told my that the caramel is like a butterscotch color. I will be in NYC on the 12th and I am popping into the store. I'll let you know what the swatch looks like - that color is at the top of my list as well.
  9. OMG, a butterscotch caramel would be terrific! The caramel color from spring was a little too dark. Lighter is better.

    A shoulder strap? Hmm...It's so much like the City then. Just a little more depth. Odd. Oh well. I like the Courier too because it's just so easy to wear over a coat.

    Nice to see a fellow Chicagoan on the boards! Chigirl lives not too far from me, in the suburbs.
  10. I felt the same way about the summer caramel. The parttime is supposed to be wider and have more depth. I let you know what I think. Are you guys doing the midwest meeting in Sept.?
  11. Hey there -- I was just in your neck of the woods actually. Had to return a Tod's bag to NM. So funny. I met another fellow handbag lover. She was carrying a Chloe Betty and I complimented her on her bag and she said she was checking out my bbag (my s/s '05 black hobo)! She said she has a few bbags-- dolma, sky blue and some other great colors but hasn't bought anymore because she doesn't like the new leather. After I saw her, I proceeded to your favorite department (David Yurman) where I saw a woman carrying a white hobo/day. Interestingly enough, I had just seen a woman on the Metra earlier this week carrying the same bag (as well as one woman carrying a cornflower city). Who knew North Shore women were so into bbags???

    You went running today? I was dying just walking in the mall (was in Old Orchard too).

    Sorry...back to the topic of this thread, I think the shopping would be perfect. If you like the courier, by all means but I think it is just huge (though nice that it can be worn messenger style).

    Let me know what you decide.
  12. Yeah, I drove to the rec center to go walking. Ridiculous, but waaaay too humid outside. I don't live in Florida for a reason.

    Chi, you know I have no idea which bag I'm going to get. But last week I splurged and bought two (!) necklaces at Neiman's and now dh has put 'she buys too much jewelry' on his radar. Think I'll switch back to bags for Fall. I never did buy a B-bag and I've been thinking about it now for months.

    The Courier is too big, Twiggy too small, etc, etc. I think the Shopping is my fav from the current collection but nobody HAS it. Shirise doesn't anyway. And Ebay is too frightening for b-bags unless it's a PFer.

    So, I'm holding out hope that the Part Time (which is deeper than the CIty - so that is a good thing for me) or this mysterious Afternoon may work.

    I really want a bag with 6" depth so I can cram stuff in it. Bags that are flat or only 3-4" deep just bulge with my hairbrush and make-up (I only have 1 jar, but still) and notebooks and paperwork and Blackberry...blah. Flat-ish bags don't work. So, Shopper, Courier, Afternoon, PT.....all will work but it HAS to be shoulder-carry and I'm not sure which of the new ones are.

    Who knows? In October I think I'll buy it. I want the new caramel color, if it's lighter than the last few and I want another season of 'bad' leather to pass. Then you come with me and we'll pick one out. :wlae:
  13. Oh, and women in my burb are addicted to B-bags. I think I mentioned that years ago I saw an older woman with an orange-ish Twiggy (I only know the name now) at Sunset and WOW! I loved it! It was just smushed into the top of her cart and I had never seen anything like that leather. I think it was 2004. THe year, and the leather. Anyway, now two years later I'm figuring out what it was. She probably has that bag stuffed into the back of her closet. :crybaby:

    Anyway, I actually don't see them as much as I used to. I'm starting to see bags I don't recognize again. I'll probably figure out what those are in two years. Some are Be&D - not crazy about them.
  14. I'm holding a monologue, but I've slept on it and I want the Part Time. It does have a shoulder strap and is 6+" deep. It's a little awkward in it's dimensions...18" wide (like the Work)...only 10" high (like the City) and 6.25" deep (like the Shopping). So it's a short, fat bag. It should work well as a briefcase substitute but I'd probably have to keep it unzipped if I carried files. A little wierd, but the Work, which has better dimensions, doesn't have a shoulder strap and that's been the killer for me all this time. I can't buy a hand carry bag.

    So, the Part Time it is. (The Afternoon is too's between the Work and Weekender - and it appears to be hand carry only. No go.)

    Now all this talk about Blue India has me intrigued. The nice thing about blue is it goes with both black and brown shoes. All of my shoes are either black or brown, so wouldn't it be nice to not have to change bags just based on that? I'm think PT in Blue India.

    I suppose I'd have to pre-order it. I wonder how long I can wait to do that? What is the last month to Pre-order the F/W 06 bags?....
  15. Do you mean pre-order from Bal-NY? If so, then I think I have read several times on this forum that Bal-NY isn't ordering the Part-Time in Blue-Grey...:shrugs: