Part reveal part vent and some ???? for true Coachies!


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Nov 6, 2008
So I found this cute little Hamptons weekend tote at one of my local resale boutiques for $25 bucks and couldn't pass it up! I have 90% leather bags and thought it would be nice for a change, plus it's my favorite color PINK! The only down side was it had a few stains and was missing its hangtag. I took it to the dry cleaner and it looks brand spanking new! They did such a great job and even got the lipstick out of the lining. I had heard from some fellow TPFers that one could get replacement hangtags from Coach so that is exactly what I did. I called them and the SA on the line looked up my bag with the serial# and said she would get a replacement tag right out. I was thrilled....until I got it in the mail. Now I know it was free but come on! It totally does not match! First of all it is a burnt orange on the front and a metallic gold on back with a burgundyish thread all around the edges. The chain in it is silver and the grommet to lace it through is just does not go with bright fuschia and vibrant orange bag! I am super curious to see what bag this actually belongs to! Oh, and the chain doesn't even fit around the handle on my bag so I can't even really attach it. My DH laughed outloud when I pulled this hangtag out of the envelope. He never matches so for him to see that it does not go must mean it's obvious! Hopefully some of you smartie Coachies will recognize the tag and help me solve the mystery of where it really belongs! TIA! Oh, and pardon the mess in the background...I've been studying all weekend!









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Dec 8, 2008
this'll blow your mind...I thought I was going to need a replacement hangtag for my SOHO hobo, so I called and ordered one. I gave her the style number, and she said "oh ok! I'll get that one right out to you!" No prob, easy as pie. Well like two weeks (maybe?) later, I got a hangtag in the mail. The SAME one you got. Apparently this is their go-to hangtag! Maybe it's the one they have the most stock of and it's just what they click on, lol. I dunno. I'll try to find it when I get home and post the pic. too funny.


Jul 19, 2007
I found your tag! It belongs to a Soho 10477 Rose Hobo...pic borrowed from ebay auction. I remembered it well becaused I wanted this bag for the longest time (still do)! It's from '07. Hope this helps!


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Aug 22, 2007
Great bag! I have had the same tag issue. I got the dark brass tag for a bag that had bright brass. Luckily I just needed a spare and my bag does have the correct tag on it, but sheesh. I have also been sent incorrect dustbags for my bags before.


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Nov 6, 2008
I knew you gals would know! LUVNLIFE-I can't believe that is the hangtag for that bag! I loved that bag when it was in the boutique, I obviously didn't pay attention to the tag. Great memory you have! EVY-Thanks for the link...I've been on the bay and haven't spotted this yet!