PART ONE of my December Shopping Expeditions!

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  1. My bank account has kind of shifted quite a bit (for the worse) in DEC!! lolz.. This is part one of where my $$ went after the spending in Paris. :sweatdrop:

    I do apologise for posting yet another picture of this bag.. :shame: Im sure many ladies are quite sick of looking at this bag on the forum!! haha but I still love it loads!! The color is much more vibrant than the bronze luxe tote imo. :love:



    Light gold earrings Its got kind of a vintage look to it



    PART TWO will be here next week!! :tender:
  2. I'm not sick of looking at that bag, I am just sick of it not being mine.
  3. I'm still waiting for my bronze but thank goodness I was able to get a black cabas!! Love the earrings!!!! How much were they if you don't mind me asking? Love it! Congrats!!
  4. LOL!!! You and me both! I will never get tired of seeing these gorgeous bags!:heart:

  5. ITA!!! I love this bag, how I wish I had infinite money with which to buy bags!

    congrats on the new stuff! I LOVE THE CABAS! :heart:
  6. Oh wow, I am :drool: over your photos!! Congrats on yet another gorgeous khaki Cabas on the forum.

    Where oh where could my khaki Cabas BE? :search:
  7. Oh, and I love the earrings too!
  8. I love the earrings! They're adorable :heart:
  9. Lainey: Of course i dont mind u asking! The earrings are £170 tax free already at heathrow airport :nuts:

    I am so glad there is noone going.. "wot? another of that bag? aye boring! dun u have anything else to post?? zzz"

    Thanks for letting me share! :love:
  10. Congrats! The bag and the earrings are TDF.
  11. Soooo pretty! Mine's getting sent tomorrow! :yahoo:
  12. Love them both!
  13. the earings are stunning!!!
  14. I love the Khaki cabas, but just wondering will the metallic finish comes off easily?

    By the way, I love your earrings too~ Very nice :shame:
  15. sexy bag i love it!!