part of my listing removed...why?

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  1. I am trying to sell a few LV items from my collection and everythign is going fine. Today I tried to put in a picture of my scanned receipt thinking it would get me more bids...I did this for 2 items...I go to look at my listing tonight and the pictures of the receipts aren't there anymore!

    I dont know if something happened that I did or if eBay removed them. I am scared to try and put it on there again in case it gets my listing completely removed?

    Is there something wrong with putting the receipt on there? I had blacked out all personal info so I don't get it???

  2. Maybe so another seller (scammer who sells fakes) won't use the same thing in their own listings?
  3. that is a good point. I think that I am just going to not put it on there again. I would be so upset if my listing got removed when so many fakes stay on there!

    Thanks for your thoughts Cheekers :flowers:
  4. I've never heard about this for. Are you sure? Why would eBay just remove your picture? And if they did, they'd contact you. Also, if they had concerns about your listing, they'd pull it completely - not modify it for you. You should contact live help to find out what's wrong. It sounds very odd.
  5. I agree with leanbeanee. eBay will always notify you if they edit your listing in any way. Check it out in case someone has been messing with your account. Let us know if everything's okay!
  6. I would contact eBay directly and ask them about it.
  7. Is it possible that you forgot to click on the save changes? I've edited and it looked good, clicked enter (or whatever) and then checked my auction and realized that I forgot to click 'save changes'. It seemed like I went through the entire process, but I forgot and the changes were never added.

    It is odd that only the one part of your auction would be missing.
  8. I think it is entirely possible you didn't click save changes.
    Click 'Seller account' on the left hand side of your my ebay page, then 'view account status'. If you made any changes where a cost was incured it should appear here. If you add an extra couple of pictures it will be 30 cents.
    Also you can click on your item and actually see any revisions that have been made by clicking on (revised) in the Description box. Here it specifies any changes that have been made.
    I hope I've made sense.
  9. Let us know what ebay says - maybe you did just forget to save what you did. I hope it all gets resolved. :smile:
  10. wouldn't ebay have to contact you firsrt!?
  11. That sounds very strange, I think it's probable that the changes haven't been saved? Cos you know how after you added the pics, you go to the bottom and click Continue, and then you might have thought mistakenly or forgot that that was it? There is another page where you then have to confirm Save Changes.
  12. I agree with the above posters:yes: - I've done the same thing- forgot:shame: to save changes to my auctions, - but please let us know how it turned out
  13. Clear out your cache & history, etc. Reboot and then try. You may be looking at a cache file.
  14. Also make sure you entered the pictures correctly. Once I had an extra symbol when I was copying and pasting and it caused the photos not to appear.
  15. All ended well...I sold my item for way more than I thought I would...thanks for your help everyone!