part of my collection

  1. hi, i am trying to get in the swing of things here. i really like this forum. well here is part of my collection. tell me what you think. one of the burberry bags got cut off.

  3. Gabrielle, WELCOME to PF!!! You have some beautiful bags!!! Thank you for sharing!!!
  4. Welcome to the purse forum!:welcome: :drinkup:
  5. Welcome to PF! Lovely collection.
  6. thanks! you have a great myspace page.
  7. that doctor bag is prada and i have never used it. i do not know know why i bought it.
  8. Awesome LVs, luv them.
  9. Awesome LV collection - welcome ! :biggrin:
  10. WELCOME!:flowers: Lovely collections!:yes: :love:
  11. Welcome and great collection!
  12. welcome to PF :flowers:

    Great collection ... it seems that ur a big fan of LV ;D
  13. Welcome! You have a great collection.
  14. Welcome! Great bags!
  15. Nice collection! Look at all that monogram :love: